Magnetic coolant separator MVS

This special magnetic pulley for coolants (sometimes called also a magnetic roller) is a device for automatic and permanent removing of ferrous contaminants from liquid substances (such as coolants and emulsions for various machining operations).

The key part of the machine consists of a set of ferrite or neodymium NdFeB magnets and of an external drum from stainless steel that revolves on a shaft together with the magnetic cores. The ferromagnetic particles contained in the liquid are captured by the strong permanent magnets and dragged on the surface of the pulley till being removed by a scraper connected to a chute. The clean coolant flows away under the magnetic roller.

The magnetic pulley for collants is easy to install and maintain, the materials used for its production  (stainless steel, set of permanent ferrite or neo magnets) as well as its robust design provide for a long-term solution to separation problems. The application of ferrite magnets arranges for nearly unlimited working life, however if you need higher magnetic force we recommend that the drum is fitted with extremely powerful neodymium NdFeB magnets from rare earth ores.

The magnetic coolant separator is a maintenance-free appliance with a very high level of  separation of metal particles from liquids miscibles in water, from mineral oil emulsions,  from synthetic coolants, from cutting oils etc. If you use our magnetic coolant separator,  you will improve the quality of your final products, you will be able to use the coolants and cutting oils in a repeated way and in particular we will help to protect your expensive machinery. The dimensions as well as the design of the magnetic coolant separator can be adjusted to client's needs.  The magnetic pulley for coolants finds use especially in engineering.

We have developed a special three-stage magnetic separator (MPS-3F) for cleaning coolants and emulsions (used for various machining operations).

The separator consists of the following basic parts:

All three above mentioned devices are placed in the same vessel and interconnected through a system of pumps arranging for the following three-stage cleaning cycle:

  1. First of all the liquid flows into the sedimentation tank where it remains for a certain period of time (so that dirt particles can settle on the tank bottom).
  2. Afterwards the material flows through the magnetic roller MVS which separates larger magnetic particles from it.
  3. Finally the emulsion passes through the magnetic grate MRZ (fitted with extremely strong neodymium magnet that are able to separate very fine ferromagnetic and even paramagnetic particles from the flowing material).

Both the dimensions and the shapes of the above described separation system are highly individual and can be adapted to specific needs of individual clients. The combined magnetic separator MPS-3F increases the quality of final products (produced on CNC machines), improves utilization of expensive cutting or cooling emulsions (allowing for their repeated use) and protects expensive production machinery against damage.

Machining industry represents an ideal field for the application of this separator.

Extra value added

Magnetic force (induction) generated by the extremely strong permanent magnets from rare earth ores does not let through any unwanted ferromagnetic impurities – and that is why the application options of our products are nearly unlimited (they find their use in chemical, plastic, automotive, building and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, mining etc.).

Our company goal is not only to manufacture and deliver a product, but above all to find and offer an exact solution satisfying the requirements and needs of just YOUR company. In these days of rapid changes in technology it is very difficult to keep up with the latest trends even in the field of your own activity, not to mention other industrial or foreign branches. And that is why we offer you our technical support based on our know-how and our experience. We hope that you - as well as our present clients - will also appreciate our assistance with solving problems regarding the separation of magnetic particles from your products, that we will help to protect your expensive machinery and that our solutions will make your production process even more fluent. If you are looking for a solution of a problem with separation or detection of ferromagnetic impurities in your goods, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you.

Free magnet audit

Free magnet audit is an exceptional service thatSollau_serviceman.jpg

  • checks the function of the magnetic separator (if the tramp metal is effectively trapped)
  • examines if the magnetic separator fulfils its potential and meets application requirements
  • evaluates the effective pull, the status, the location and the cleanness of the applied magnets

During the audit, we do not only inspect your magnetic equipment, but we also

  • provide training on care and maintenance of magnetic separators
  • suggest the measures to be taken in order to improve the operating efficiency of the magnetic separation related to your products and materials
  • identify the key areas in your company where the application of magnetic separators could enhance the operating performance, reduce operating costs, purify the product or protect processing equipment from metal damages

Audits are conducted by SOLLAU specialists that - in co-operation with the client - develop an audit plan and determine priorities. During the audit, the auditor physically inspects and measures the effective strength of the magnetic separator. He also photographs and documents the state of the device. After the check is completed, the auditor issues a detailed report including the results of the effective strength findings. The inspection results are also important references for internal quality assurance and help analyse biological, chemical and physical hazards (HAACP) as well as ensure high quality production (QA).


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