MC SOLLAU Magnetic Sheet Separator

The MC Sollau magnetic sheet fanner is standardly fitted with strong ferrite magnets and serves to an easy unstacking of stacked metal sheets. Upon a special request the sheet separators with extremely powerful neodymium magnets (i. e., rare earth magnets) are available.

Basic components of the magnetic sheet separator are a magnetic block in stainless steel sheathing and a carrying bracket (for clamping the magnetic block, it can be a part of the delivery).

Standard ferrite sheet separators are intended for ferromagnetic metal sheets with thickness to 3 mm and for stacks of metal sheets having the maximum height to 530 mm. To choose the correct type (and amount) of required magnetic sheet separators, it is necessary to define the size and thickness of single ferromagnetic metal sheets, the stack height and also the surface treatment of metal sheets (I. e., whether the metal sheets are sticky, e. g. with the oil treated surface, or dry) - because all these parameters influence the use of sheet separators. Therefore, the client working e. g. with dry metal sheets with thickness of 1 mm, dimensions of which are 900 x 600 mm and having the stack height of 50 mm will need a diametrically different magnetic sheet separator than that processing oiled metal sheets - with thickness of 2,5 mm, measuring 2000 x 1000 mm and with the stacked height of 500 mm (in the former case, the separation can be performed with one piece of the weakest model of the MC-F80 sheet separator. In the latter case, several sheet separators of the strongest MC-F530 type are to be applied simultaneously).

Application of the magnetic sheet separator is very simple; the metal sheet separator will be simply placed to the metal sheet stack only. By inducing magnetic fields into a stack of steel sheets or plates, repelling forces are created from sheet to sheet, forcing them to separate from each other (these can be taken off to a subsequent treatment - quickly, comfortably and mainly in a safe way - without using tools; the sheet under the upper steel sheet will be shifted up after the take-off of the upper sheet automatically).

Examples of correct using the magnetic sheet separators:

Figure 1:

In case of larger metal sheets, the best results will be achieved by emplacement of two sheet separators into the same corner.


Figure 2:

When separating smaller metal sheets, the optimum position for placing the sheet separators will be in the middle of shorter side of the sheet metal stack.


Figure 3:

As far as the sheet separators are placed facing each other, the floating effect will be obtained (making an easier handling with separated sheets possible).


Advantages of the permanent MC Sollau magnetic sheet separators:

  • the magnetic field, generated by these sheet separators is strong, steady and permanent for many years,
  • small size and low weight,
  • in comparison to other systems for separation of steel sheets (e. g. by means of the compressed air etc.), separating the sheets by means of the sheet separators is by far cheaper,
  • no difficult mechanical separating the metal sheets being glued together with an oil film, polishing agent etc.; a risk of surface damage to metal sheets will be reduced at their automatic take-off and processing as well,
  • the unique structural design allows to use only one basic bracket for clamping up to four various types of magnetic blocks of the sheet separators; (i.o.w., if the client already bought one mounting bracket, he would not need another new bracket anymore;  if there is a need of a sheet separator with a different power, then he will buy only a magnetic block, which can be easily fixed to the bracket by means of screws),
  • magnetic blocks can be also used separately, i. e. without the mounting bracket (nevertheless, the application of the sheet separator with the bracket is far simpler).

The sheet separators find a wide application in the mechanical engineering, in the steel and car industry and they are an indispensable helper for vendors and distributors of metallurgical material etc.

Extra value added

Magnetic force (induction) generated by the extremely strong permanent magnets from rare earth ores does not let through any unwanted ferromagnetic impurities – and that is why the application options of our products are nearly unlimited (they find their use in chemical, plastic, automotive, building and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, mining etc.).

Our company goal is not only to manufacture and deliver a product, but above all to find and offer an exact solution satisfying the requirements and needs of just YOUR company. In these days of rapid changes in technology it is very difficult to keep up with the latest trends even in the field of your own activity, not to mention other industrial or foreign branches. And that is why we offer you our technical support based on our know-how and our experience. We hope that you - as well as our present clients - will also appreciate our assistance with solving problems regarding the separation of magnetic particles from your products, that we will help to protect your expensive machinery and that our solutions will make your production process even more fluent. If you are looking for a solution of a problem with separation or detection of ferromagnetic impurities in your goods, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you.

Free magnet audit

Free magnet audit is an exceptional service thatSollau_serviceman.jpg

  • checks the function of the magnetic separator (if the tramp metal is effectively trapped)
  • examines if the magnetic separator fulfils its potential and meets application requirements
  • evaluates the effective pull, the status, the location and the cleanness of the applied magnets

During the audit, we do not only inspect your magnetic equipment, but we also

  • provide training on care and maintenance of magnetic separators
  • suggest the measures to be taken in order to improve the operating efficiency of the magnetic separation related to your products and materials
  • identify the key areas in your company where the application of magnetic separators could enhance the operating performance, reduce operating costs, purify the product or protect processing equipment from metal damages

Audits are conducted by SOLLAU specialists that - in co-operation with the client - develop an audit plan and determine priorities. During the audit, the auditor physically inspects and measures the effective strength of the magnetic separator. He also photographs and documents the state of the device. After the check is completed, the auditor issues a detailed report including the results of the effective strength findings. The inspection results are also important references for internal quality assurance and help analyse biological, chemical and physical hazards (HAACP) as well as ensure high quality production (QA).


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