Magnetic grate separator with automatic cleaning MSS-AC

Magnetic grate separator with automatic cleaning is designed to separate in a quick and easy way even the finest magnetic iron contamination from free-flowing substances of good bulk properties and to protect the machinery that subsequently treats these materials.

The basic elements the magnetic grate separator consists of are telescopic magnetic grids (made from stainless steel). While the bulk powder material falls through the magnetic tubes, a very strong magnetic field (generated by the neodymium NdFeB magnets inside of the tubes) traps all metallic particles on the surface of the grids. The grates inside of the housing are placed one above the other and the upper grate consists of one tube less. The grate sieve - created in this way – is in a very intensive contact with the flowing material and can capture even the smallest ferromagnetic impurities and guarantees an extremely high separation efficiency.

Magnetic grate separator with automatic cleaning is fitted with very strong neo magnets and can capture even only weakly magnetic fragments (such as magnetic stainless steel). Thanks to the self-cleaning properties this magnetic grate separator can be installed also in fully automatized production line, what ensures a high effectiveness of the production process. The cleaning intervals can be electronically preset according to the actual contamination. The case made from stainless steel DIN 1.4301 provides for a simple and easy installation into the already existing production lines and at the same time guarantees high resistance and a long working time of the whole system.

Magnetic grate separators MSS-AC with automatic cleaning are manufactured in two versions: one-sided MSSJ-AC (for the production processes that can be interrupted during the cleaning procedure) and double-sided MSSO-AC (for continuous material flow).

The one-sided separator (MSSJ-AC) is intended for the application, where the material flow and the production process can be interrupted in the course of the cleaning. While the powder material falls through the magnetic tubes, a very strong magnetic field (generated by the neodymium NdFeB magnets inside of the tubes) traps all metallic particles on the surface of the grids. The magnetic grates move above the central part of the separator (where the waste discharge is situated) in preset intervals by means of the pneumatic drive and guiding rollers. During the cleaning the magnetic cores are pulled out of the stainless steel tubes up to the extreme position (it means above the dedusting unit if the magnetic separator is equipped with this optional equipment) and the ferromagnetic particles fall spontaneously off into the waste funnel. If the separator is equipped with the draught fan (it is a surcharge option), even the finest dust particles are removed from the pulled-out magnetic cores. The clean material (without ferromagnetic impurities) falls spontaneously into the funnel for the clean material funnel (after the passage through the magnetic grates) and it is transported for further processing. The small dimensions of our one-sided magnetic separator MSSJ-AC make its application possible even in the production lines with very limited space for the execution of necessary cleaning (where e. g. the manual magnetic separator MSS-MC or the two-sided automatic separator MSSO-AC could not be - for this reason - applied).

The two-sided separator (MSSO-AC) is intended for such applications, where the material flow and the production process cannot be interrupted during the cleaning. The bulk material falls down through the inlet for the contaminated material via demountable damping grate (it reduces the impact power of the falling material) on the grate sieve consisting of magnetic tubes. Ferromagnetic particles are caught on the stainless steel surface of the protective tubes thanks to the strong neodymium magnets. The grates occupy two thirds of the separator width, while the magnetic cores are permanently placed under the inlet for the contaminated material, in the middle of the magnetic separator. Owing to the two-third length of the cover tubes the magnetic cores (situated in the separator centre) are always protected by the stainless steel tubes and a half of the cover tube length is continuously cleaned from the magnetic impurities at the same time. This way the continuousness of both cleaning and separation processes is guaranteed (and without the necessity to interrupt the production cycle during the magnetic separation and cleaning). The entire lower grid (= the set of lower protective tubes) moves to the right by means of the pneumatic drive and guiding rollers in preset time intervals and the upper grid follows it to the same position. Discharge of the collected impurities into the waste funnel at the right side takes place during the cleaning interval set by the customer. Afterwards the bottom protective tubes are moved to the left and followed by the upper grid. The ferromagnetic impurities caught up on the protective tubes fall down into the left waste funnel. The tubes protecting the magnetic cores are moved to the right as soon as the cleaning process is finished (and the whole procedure keeps being is repeated all the time).

The separation process of both types of the separators can be monitored thanks to the transparent checking window in the upper part of the separator. In order to observe the strict rules and demands of food processing and pharmaceutical industries, the parts of the separator supposed to be in direct contact with the cleaned material are supplied with a polished surface and removed welds.

In order to ensure a quick and easy connection, the separator housing is ended by flanges (standard type, Jacob quick-connect fasteners or flanges according to client's needs) of 250 x 250 mm, 400 x 400 mm or 500 x 500 mm (but we can adjust the connection to client's requirements).

Extra value added

Magnetic force (induction) generated by the extremely strong permanent magnets from rare earth ores does not let through any unwanted ferromagnetic impurities – and that is why the application options of our products are nearly unlimited (they find their use in chemical, plastic, automotive, building and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, mining etc.).

Our company goal is not only to manufacture and deliver a product, but above all to find and offer an exact solution satisfying the requirements and needs of just YOUR company. In these days of rapid changes in technology it is very difficult to keep up with the latest trends even in the field of your own activity, not to mention other industrial or foreign branches. And that is why we offer you our technical support based on our know-how and our experience. We hope that you - as well as our present clients - will also appreciate our assistance with solving problems regarding the separation of magnetic particles from your products, that we will help to protect your expensive machinery and that our solutions will make your production process even more fluent. If you are looking for a solution of a problem with separation or detection of ferromagnetic impurities in your goods, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you.

Free magnet audit

Free magnet audit is an exceptional service thatSollau_serviceman.jpg

  • checks the function of the magnetic separator (if the tramp metal is effectively trapped)
  • examines if the magnetic separator fulfils its potential and meets application requirements
  • evaluates the effective pull, the status, the location and the cleanness of the applied magnets

During the audit, we do not only inspect your magnetic equipment, but we also

  • provide training on care and maintenance of magnetic separators
  • suggest the measures to be taken in order to improve the operating efficiency of the magnetic separation related to your products and materials
  • identify the key areas in your company where the application of magnetic separators could enhance the operating performance, reduce operating costs, purify the product or protect processing equipment from metal damages

Audits are conducted by SOLLAU specialists that - in co-operation with the client - develop an audit plan and determine priorities. During the audit, the auditor physically inspects and measures the effective strength of the magnetic separator. He also photographs and documents the state of the device. After the check is completed, the auditor issues a detailed report including the results of the effective strength findings. The inspection results are also important references for internal quality assurance and help analyse biological, chemical and physical hazards (HAACP) as well as ensure high quality production (QA).


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