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Advantages of the testing cone magnet KS

  • Checking magnet on a rod
  • Easy detection of magnetic metals
  • Attractive price
  • Strong neodymium magnet
  • Permanently in stock

Inspection magnets KS

Pendulous sorting magnets KS

The magnetic pendulum is fitted with very strong neodymium NdFeB magnets (with the diameter of 10 mm).

How is the inspection magnet used?

The magnetic pendulum KS is used to detect ferrous particles e. g. in purchased non-ferrous metal scrap or waste paper. Both the seller and buyer save money by the magnetic inspection and testing:

  • seller's material will not be rejected by the buyer (because of unwanted ferrous contamination) and it will not be necessary to move the rejected material back, resort and rebale it
  • the buyer will avoid purchasing contaminated materials

Just insert the control magnet into the tested material in several locations and remove it slowly to check for ferrous contaminants.

Another advantage of the conical sorting magnet

Thanks to the long metal rod it is possible to remove ferrous particles from the product in hard-to-reach zones.

Dimensions of the magnetic pendulum

Standard length of the control magnet is 140 mm (handle not included). The checking magnet can be produced in various lengths according to customer requirements.

Easy ordering at the e-shop

Which industrial branches can the sorting magnets be used in?

The magnetic pendulum can be used for quick detection of ferrous metals in various industrial branches.