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Advantages of magnetic manipulation tools

  • Safe handling with parts in a technological bath
  • Watertight all-stainless steel design
  • Resistance to the effect of technological liquids
  • Neodymium magnets with induction of 12,000 G
  • Heat resistance up to 80 °C
  • Polished design
  • In stock

Magnets for technological liquids TL

Magnet for technological liquids TLMagnet for technological liquids TL is designed for handling parts immersed in various technological solutions - galvanizing or oil bath, paint shop, etc. The location of the magnet on a bar with a handle allows to reach even harder to reach places and and heavier parts.

If you need a lower pulling force of the magnet, we also produce a magnet for technological baths equipped with a weaker ferrite magnet.

The handling rod with a standard length of 1.25 m is equipped with a pivoting joint at the end of the magnet, so that the part can be gripped over the entire surface of the magnet and thus use its maximum pulling force. On request, we can produce a rod in any length.

Magnet for painting shops TL 3/300 N - new type

  • Magnet for painting shops TL 3/300 NThe magnetic cores are firmly enclosed in stainless steel rods. The surface of the magnetic rods is easy to maintain and washable. There is no risk of damage to the magnetic cores.
  • Magnetic cores are made of strong neodymium magnets
  • The magnetic induction on the surface of the rods is 11,500 G.
  • Polished surface of magnetic rods
  • Heat resistance of magnets up to 80 °C in standard design
  • Stainless steel DIN 1.4301
  • We produce magnets for galvanizing plants with three or four rods

Easy placing an order in e-shop

Cat. numberTypeA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)H (mm)
TL01N-S Neodym NdFeB 110 27 65 1277
TL02F-S Ferit FeB 110 27 65 1277


ModelL (mm)Number of barsWeight (kg)Magnetic inductionSurface treatment of the magnetic partWorking temperature
TL 3/300 N 1830 3 6,6 11 500 G polishing up to 80 °C
TL 4/300 N 1830 4 7,8 11 500 G polishing up to 80 °C
TL P 3/300 N 2420 3 7,2 11 500 G polishing up to 80 °C
TL P 4/300 N 2420 4 8,4 11 500 G polishing up to 80 °C

Which industrial branches can the magnets for technological liquids be use of in?