• Ferrite as well as neodymium versions
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Made-to-measure products
  • Some models constantly in stock
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Handheld, towable and forklift magnetic sweepers

Magnetic brooms MZ

A magnetic broom is an efficient and fast way of collecting ferromagnetic scrap (such as nails, metal splinters, rivets, nuts, screws, sharp and hazardous ferrous waste etc.) off floors.

It is also ideal for picking up metal dust, especially the fine grinding and welding dust. In order to achieve the best separation results the magnetic sweepers are fitted with extremely strong neodymium NdFeB magnets. The working height is adjustable.

How is magnetic broom cleaned?

The cleaning is very easy. You just pull the handle up, the bottom of the sweeper gets demagnetized and the captured ferromagnetic particles fall off.

Advantages of magnetic broom

The magnetic broom is a cheap alternative to expensive industrial vacuum cleaners and that is why its application range is so wide. The magnetic sweepers find use in metal working and building industry, at scrap yards & recycling centers, on parking places etc.

Easy placing an order in e-shop

We offer three kinds of these special gadgets, each of them exactly adapted to its place of use:

MZ Klasik

  • Large rubber side wheels for easy handling
  • Adjustable working height

With big lateral wheels and adjustable working height is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor application.

MZ Special

  • Wheels in the rear (ideal for for use in hard to reach places)

Is extremely effective. Thanks to the wheels at the back of the broom it can be moved close to machine edges and corners even in tighter space.


  • Quick and easy mounting on the forks
  • Large surface area cleaning (car parks, warehouses, factories)
  • High retention capacity

That can be easily fixed to the forklift skids, is used for collection of unwanted ferromagnetic particles (such as nails, rivets, screws, grinding dust) at large industrial areas. The magnetic broom can be made according to the dimensions of the particular forklift model.

Which industrial branches can the magnetic broom be use of in?