Magnetic mats MM

The magnetic mat was developed according to the requirements from food industry and it is designed to minimize the transfer of metal fragments (from workshops, building sites, outdoor areas) to the sensitive food production zones.

Our magnetic carpet consists of two parts. The lower part is equipped with extra strong neodymium NdFeB magnets and covered by the upper part (made from a special foil for permanent neodymium magnets).

Thanks to its sophisticated design and improved ergonomics there was achieved a minimum height difference between the lower and upper parts and eliminated the risk of tripping.

Which way does magnetic-mat work?

The mat is very easy to install, maintain and clean. When you remove the covering upper foil, you can clear away the captured metal particles. It is also possible to regularly analyze and evaluate the magnetics collected on the mat in order to take measures regarding the elimination of the contamination sources.

Magnetic mat with a stainless catcher

Magnetic mat with a stainless catcherA special variant of the magnetic mat is the magnetic mat with stainless steel scraper. In contrast to the standard magnetic mat, this outstanding mat consist of three layers:

  • The lower part is equipped with extra strong neodymium NdFeB magnets.
  • The middle part (made from a special sheet for the protection of permanent neodymium magnets) covers the magnetic cores.
  • The upper part part consists of a thick mesh of mutually welded sharp steel profiles.

This highly effective scraper helps remove (not only) metal contaminants partially pierced in the shoe soles (metal shavings, splinters, screws, nails, sprigs, brads etc.). And it is necessary to take into account the even the strongest magnets in the world would not be able to remove in such a way embedded contaminants. Despite the increased number of layers, there is maintained the minimum height difference between the lower and upper parts and eliminated the risk of tripping.

Plastic magnetic mat

Plastic magnetic mat Another version of the magnetic mat is a plastic magnetic mat. Its technical parameters (dimensions, magnetic induction, durability, etc.) are similar to the conventional stainless steel mats, however, thanks to the use of highly resistant polymer materials, the plastic mat has a significantly reduced weight (which positively influences on the transport and handling of the magnetic mat) and improved washability.

Cleaning of plastic magnetic mat

Unlike the stainless steel version, the plastic mat can be cleaned with pressurized water, what is particularly important if the product is to be delivered to food or pharmaceutical industries (with very strict hygiene conditions).

The plastic magnetic mat can be supplied (as well as the stainless steel version) with a stainless steel scraper. The trapped contaminants can be analysed, quantified, identified in terms of their type as well as origin, and afterwards it is possible to take the appropriate in-house measures.

Magnetic cleaning zone MCZ

Magnetic cleaning zone MCZThe magnetic cleaning zone has the similar possibilities of application as magnetic mat and its primary use is to prevent the penetration of metal impurities coming from machining, handy-man type, constructional or risk outdoor facilities into sensitive processing zones.

The cleaning zone MCZ consists of three layers:

  1. Rubber bedding (ensuring the stability and fixation needed)
  2. Extremely thick neodymic foil (to separate the free ferromagnetic particles from shoe soles)
  3. Laminate covering adhesive label (protecting against damage by the magnetic foil)

How is the magnetic cleaning zone used?

Installing, maintanance and cleaning of the cleaning zone made by our company is very easy because the mat can be positioned in fact on any kind of smooth surface of the dimension exceeding 500 x 500 thanks to the small dimensions (an ideal location for application of the cleaning zone are the facilities, from which it is gone out of the risk facilities or sensitive – e. g. food-processing – zones are entered). It is very simple to maintain the mat, it is enough to wipe the surface with a clout or a sponge. Naturally the accumulated ferromagnetic material can be also regularly evaluated in a laboratory manner, the origin of this can be followed and additional provisions can be taken to eliminate the primeval sources of the metal particles caught.

Why to acquire the magnetic cleaning zonu from Sollau:

  1. Short delivery time (the cleaning zones are in process in the form of half-finished product in our facilities, so we are able to deliver a final product by one week from the date of placing the order).
  2. Small dimensions and low weight have a positive influence on both installing and handling with the mat and transport costs, too.
  3. Despite of the lower ferromagnetic efficiency than the magnetic mat MM, it embodies high magnetic induction in the area of the contact with the shoes (1700 Gauss).
  4. In comparison with the classical magnetic mat the MCZ mat is severalfold cheaper as per the price and also lighter.
  5. While the magnetic mat cannot be used for separation of ferromagnetic impurities coming from tires e. g. the tires coming from low-lift tires (going across the mat with the low-lift truck would lead to its destruction), magnetic can be used also in the areas of motion of low-lift trucks (slow going across the cleaning zone reduces its service life indeed, nevertheless the consequence will not be an immediate destruction of it).
  6. Height profile of the cleaning mat makes mere 5 mm, therefore the risk of trip falls off completely at this product

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Which industrial branches can the magnetic mat be use of in?

Application options of our magnetic mat are very wide, this product is very popular among our clients from dairy, cereals and meat processing companies as well as in pharmaceutical industry etc.

And as it is absolutely necessary to eliminate metal impurities in foodstuff, no wonder that the application of magnetic mats is more and more frequently required by company auditors.