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Advantages of the self-cleaning hump magnet MSK-AC

  • Automatic cleaning without the interruption of the material flow
  • Excellent for abrasive or flow resistant materials
  • Made-to-measure separators
  • High processing capacity
  • Neodymium version available upon request
  • Multi-stage separation
  • Material testing

Cascade magnetic separators MSK-AC

The MSK-AC self-cleaning magnet is designed for high capacity transport systems (especially tubular on gravitational basis) requesting the non-stop and fully automatized cleaning process to be ensured.

How does the self-cleaning magnetic hump work?

The metal impurities caught can be removed easily thanks to the system of compressed-air-operated plate magnets. The bulk material gets into a direct contact with the upper magnetic plate that catches a part of Fe contaminants and at the same time it repulses the material on the oncoming plate during which time the material is slowed down and also reversed, which increases the efectiveness of magnetic separation again. In addition to this cascade principle uses also physical properties of ferromagnetic materials having a higher specific weight than the materials being cleaned and that is why they have a tendency to fall through spontaneously down towards the magnetic plate.

Which way is the automated hump magnet cleaned?

Automatous cleaning of magnetic separator is ensured by compressed-air-operated elements and fully programmable independent control unit (after opening and tilt of magnetic plate magnetic cores draw away from the stainless steel cover plate and the ferromagnetic particles caught on it fall off spontaneously)

Control panel in the compact design and with touch screen being serviceable easily ensures a quick individual setting of magnetic separator for the given application. Automaous cleaning of the magnetic separator enables the installing in a fully automated plants and so it ensures also a high economization of operation, the intervals for cleaning can be – depending on the level of contamination of the product being cleaned – set up individually in an electronic manner.

Certificate TESYDOSOLLAU – our products are welded by real professionals!

SOLLAU certifications:  
Authorization to perform welding on pressure equipment according to PED 2014 / 68 / EU
Pressure welder certificate according to EN-ISO 3834 - 2, EN 1090 - 2, EN 13480 - 1 to 5, EN 13445 - 1 to 5


  • Industrial automation system SIEMENS
  • Pneumatic components FESTO
  • Large magnetic separation area
  • Separation of small as well as bigger magnetic particles

MSK-AC cascade magnet is designed for high capacity transport systems (especially tubular on gravitational basis) requesting the non-stop and fully automatized cleaning process to be ensured.

ProductMaximum capacity (m3/h)Dimension of input/output (mm)Datasheet
MSK-AC 165 F 45 140 x 140 display PDF
MSK-AC 250 F 85 200 x 200 display PDF
MSK-AC 390 F 130 260 x 260 display PDF
MSK-AC 550 F 195 340 x 340 display PDF
MSK-AC 800 F 250 430 x 430 display PDF

Which industrial branches can the self-cleaning hump magnet be used in?

MSK-AC cascade magnet is equipped with several big plate magnets and a self-cleaning system, so it can be used in a lot of branches (e. g. when processing compound feedstuff and fodders, in plastic and chemical industry etc.).