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Advantages of a testing rod MTV

  • Neodymium magnets with induction of 8,000 G
  • Separation of iron particles from 1 micron
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Resistant all-stainless steel design
  • Separators can be loaned
  • Separators in stock
  • Material testing

Magnetic testing rods MTV

Magnetic testing rods MTV

The stainless steel encased rare earth magnetic tube is designed for sampling products for ferromagnetic contamination, it is used at scrap yards & recycling centers for the inspection of the collected non-ferrous metals, at critical points throughout the production lines etc.

How is the magnetic testing rod used?

The very strong neodymium NdFeB magnets inside of the sorting tube can also detect even the finest ferromagnetic particles in plastic materials (such as regranulates, crushed plastic materials, plastic crumb, rejected mouldings etc.).

Cleaning of magnetic testing rod?

The magnetic testing rod is light-weight, easy to handle and can be cleaned quickly and efficiently by realeasing the catch and sliding out the magnetic inner tube (which causes the magnetic contaminaton to fall away).

Dimensions of magnetic testing rods

The magnetic tubes are manufactured in diameters of 22 and 32 mm and in lengths of 400 and 1100 mm (the length of the active magnetic part is at both the versions 160 mm).

Easy placing an order in e-shop

Which industrial branches can the magnetic testing rod be use of in?

The telescopic magnetic rods find use e. g. in recycling and plastic industry.