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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

Case studies

Laboratory testing of incinerator ash (case study)

Initial status

A technical school was elaborating an analysis of incinerator ash for a waste incinerator company.


For laboratory testing purposes, a technical school...

Separation of metal contaminants from feed granules (case study)

Initial status

We were dealing with a problem of magnetic separation in a company producing feed granules. Dried green fodder (alfalfa, clover) is processed into 8 mm granules...

Preventing the transfer of ferrous metals on workers' shoe soles in the food industry using magnetic mats (case study)

Initial status

In food production the final product is often contaminated with metal particles. A food manufacturer faced regular problems with the transfer of metal contaminants...

Separation of residual aluminum particles from foundry sand (case study)

Initial status

Our customer - an aluminum foundry – needed to separate residual aluminum pieces from foundry sand.


It is not possible to separate aluminum waste...

How to remove micron-sized metal particles from a glucose solution in pharmaceutical production? (case study)

Initial status

We were asked to design a magnetic filter for a company producing intravenously administered generic drugs and infusions. The glucose manufactured by the client...

Avoiding flat tires and reducing operating costs in a foundry by using the tow behind magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON (case study)

Initial status

In a foundry, handling scrap iron is a common activity. During this handling, scrap metal with sharp edges is scattered on the ground, creating a dangerous...

Tunnel metal detector - limestone processing equipment protection (case study)

Initial status

Our customer specializes in mining and processing of limestone. During this procedure the mineral gets contaminated with tramp metal (such as bolts, nuts,...

Protection of extruders in polymer processing (case study)

Initial status

Our customer is a manufacturer of high-quality plastic extruders. He was looking for a reliable magnetic separation solution that was requested by one of his...

Grinder protection and reduction of maintenance costs in rosin resin processing (case study)

Initial status

Our customer has been engaged in the production of resins and binders for more than 100 years. His product range includes hard and soft resins, polyurethane...

Safe separation of steel sheets with a magnetic sheet separator (case study)

Initial status

Our customer processes 0,3 – 0,8 mm steel sheets. The sheets are stacked - the height of the sheet stack is 300 mm. Sheets of 400 x 800 mm are most often...

How to remove ferrous metals when recycling post-industrial and post-consumer plastics? (case study)

Initial status

Our customer has been specializing in recycling technical plastics and trading in secondary raw materials for more than 30 years. Thanks to our client's activities,...

Avoiding flat tires at a scrap metal processor by using the tow behind magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON (case study)

Initial status

Our customer is engaged in processing and recycling of waste metal.


Tire defects caused by scrap metal are common in such operations. It is not only...