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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

Case studies

Separation of iron particles from feathers (case study)

Initial status

A prominent Czech manufacturer and member of an international consortium of companies involved in feather processing and the production of high-quality duvets...

Separation of metal objects from wooden Logs (case study)

Initial status

A prominent Czech manufacturer in the field of wood processing industry needed to remove metal objects from wooden logs.

Separation of iron particles from coolant fluids (case study)

Initial status

We were approached by a significant Czech engineering company specialized in pressing, machining and production of automotive shafts, dampers, nozzles, differentials,...

Separation of iron particles from coal dust in a thermal power plant (case study)

Initial status

Despite the rapid transition to renewable sources in the energy sector, affordable fossil fuels (such as brown coal dust) are still widely used even in the...

Magnetic grate separator in housing - sugar production (case study)

The customer required the magnetic separator to fulfill 3 basic requirements in the sugar production process:

  • Separation on ferrous particles from 1 micron
  • Fast cleaning

Chute magnet - sugar production (case stidy)

In this case study, we would like to show you a typical example of achute magnet application (also called a plate housing magnet or a round pipe separator).

Our separator...

Star-shaped hopper magnet - spice processing (case study)

The spice processing company deals with unwanted ferromagnetic contaminants in the final product – spices. The aim of separation is to achieve maximum purity of the final...

Magnetic drum – crushing of pallets (case study)

The customer used the MBZ magnetic drum to separate metals from wood chips. Crushed pallets are transported by a screw conveyor, at the end of which the MBZ GRIZZLY magnetic...

Limestone Crusher Protection (case study)

Initial status:

Excavated limestone is transported on a conveyor. During mining and subsequent processing of limestone, it is contaminated with ferromagnetic impurities (screws,...