The negative impacts of ferromagnetic contamination can be reduced thanks to magnetic separators. The magnetic separators are available in a great variety of versions and it is in both general-purpose and closely specialized.

From a small magnet to the most compounded separators

Accordingly the grate-shaped separators are usually used for separation of metal impurities from powdered products with good repose properties, then pipe type separators in pressure piping. In the case of material of worse repose properties setting the board-type separators (so called lantern) or magnettic boards ( being in a direct contact with the material being cleaned and that is why they cannot be blocked with this material) is upon the place. To clean the liquids the flow separators and separators for piping systems are used. The magnetic drums and rolls are usable nevertheless in a general-purpose way and these can ensure the continual separation without a need of interrupting the technological process. To detect the non-ferrous metal type adulterants the separators working on the basis of eddy currents (creating the strong high-speed rotors bedded with magnets made of noble earths) are used.

Český výrobek / Made in Czech Republic


Magnetic separators for solid and powder mixtures

Separators for solid and powder mixtures

The magnetic separator is convenient to separate the soft magnetic and also paramagnetic adulterants coming from powdery or easily permeable materials.

Magnetic separators for liquid mixtures

Separators for liquid mixtures

Magnetic separator is determined especially to separate the ferromagnetic particles occuring in the current of liquid and semifluid material.

Transport technologies

Assorting lines

The effective sorting of packages is very important from environmental and economical point of view. A big quantity of the thrown away packages can be processed repeatedly.

Metal detectors

Metal detectors

The metal detectors are used for detection and in some case also for separation of unwanted magnetic or non-magnetic metal particles coming from materials in bulk or goods packed.

Magnetic sweepers / Magnetic brooms

Magnetic sweepers

Magnetic brooms serve to collect the magnetic particles and smaller metal contaminants as for example nails, cuts, rivets, wires, screws coming from floorings, parking areas or landing ground.

Magnetic mats

Magnetic mats

The mat prevents from penetration of metal contaminants from tooling, handyman type, constructional or outer spaces of risk into sensitive manufacturing zones.

Magnetic belt conveyors MD

Magnetic belt conveyors MD

TheThe magnetic belt conveyor is one of the surest way how to control positioning of ferrous parts (such as metal scrap from machining, pressing, grinding etc.) during the transport for further processing.