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Advantages of magnetic separators for bulk materials

  • Manual or automatic cleaning
  • Ferrite and neodymium versions
  • High magnetic induction up to 18,700 G
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Attractive price / performance ratio
  • Up to 10-year warranty
  • Made to measure magnetic separators
  • Selected models permanently in stock

Magnetic separators for solid and powder mixtures

We manufacture magnetic separators for the removal of ferrous particles from bulk materials. Our magnetic separators provide the highest possible separation quality (they capture ferromagnetic contaminants from 1 micrometer) thanks to the extremely high magnetic induction of up to 18700 G! We put emphasis on the quality of our separators allowing us to provide a 10-year warranty on some models!

The selection of a suitable magnetic separator depends e. g. on these parameters:

  • properties of the material to be cleaned (its composition, size, abrasiveness, moisture, flow resistance…)
  • amount and size of ferrous particles
  • mode of transport (in a pipeline, on a belt conveyor, free fall etc.), the pressure in the pipeline, the possible interruption of the material flow etc.

If the material contains smaller amounts of ferromagnetic contaminants, some of the separators with manual cleaning, e. g. DND-MC suspension magnet, MSS-MC drawer magnet or ML plate housing magnet can be used. If the material contains a lof of ferrous particles, using a separator with automatic cleaning - e. g. DND-AC overband magnet, MSS-AC self-cleaning magnetic filter or MB magnetic drum - is the right solution.

There are many types of magnetic separators, therefore our sales and technical consultants are ready to help you to select and configure a magnetic separator meeting exactly your needs – please, contact us.