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Advantages of the high gradient magnetic separator VMSV

  • Multi-stage separation – high separation efficiency
  • Automatic cleaning without the interruption of the material flow
  • Magnetic flux up to 11 000 G
  • Easy conveyor belt change
  • Made-to-measure separators
  • Excellent for materials heavily contaminated with ferrous particles
  • Separation of magnetic particles from 30 µm
  • Dry high intensity magnetic separation (DHIM)
  • Material testing

Permanent multi roll magnetic separators / High intensity magnetic separator VMSV

General principle of the function of magnetic separator VMSV

The rare earth roll separator fitted with extra strong magnetic rollers serves to a continuous and automatic separation even if the particles are very small and slightly magnetic (e.g. magnetic stainless steel or also some sorts of paramagnetic minerals).

Design of the dry high intensity magnetic separator

This extraordinarily powerful DHIMS consists either of a vibratory feeder (at VMSV version) or a feeding roller (at VMSV EKO version) and from several pairs of rollers being placed above each other. One roller of this pair is always a driving one - magnetic (we offer it also in the version with a rotational speed control according to the character of cleaned material and exigencies of working) and the other non-magnetic is a driven one. These roller pairs are mutually connected to each other with a very thin, but extremely sturdy conveyor belt from kevlar or glass-teflon (at disposal also as non-sticky design).

How does the high gradient magnetic separator work?

After loosening the material by means of a vibratory feeder (or a feeding roller), the material falls down on the belt of the multi-stage roller, during which time metallic impurities are caught up with magnetic field of the roller and brought behind its axis to the discharging area. The purified material (i.e. non-magnetic particles) will fall off by the instrumentality of gravitation on another conveyor belt situated under it. Here the separation process will be repeated in the same way (the position of the flow distributor for a magnetic and non-magnetic material is angularly and axially adjustable). The magnetic field of the dry high intensity rare earth roll magnetic separator reaches the height of maximally c. 10 mm, and therefore it is recommended not to exceed the height material transported on the belt more than 10 mm (we recommend the height of 5 mm to achieve the highest efficiency).

The vibratory feeder with an integrated filling hopper is the inseparable part of this high intensity separator. The dimensions of the filling hopper accurately correspond with the conveyor belt width. By means of the vibration regulator (at VMSV) or speed governor of the feeding roller (at VMSV EKO) it is possible to preset an optimum material dosing on the conveyor belt. The high intensity magnetic separator is also fitted with intelligent sensors, ensuring the safety and smoothness of the operation. When opening any inspection port during the running, the immediate machine shutdown is performed.

The safe height of the material level in the separator will be checked with a filling sensor (to prevent separator’s clogging by already separated impurities in case of a blockage or filling the discharge opening with already separated metal particles). The high gradient magnetic separator VMSV is equipped with a device for simple setting of the optimum conveyor belt tensioning. In addition, each motor of the drive roller (at VMSV) is provided with a variable speed unit, thus it is possible to adjust its motion according to an immediate need at each belt separately.

Use of magnetic separator

The permanent multi-stage magnetic separator fitted with extra strong magnetic rollers is determined for the most demanding customers, requiring the separation even of the finest ferromagnetic impurities. (In case of using extremely thin conveyor belts from kevlar or glass-teflon, the maximum particles’ size, coming into contact with this separator, should not exceed 5 mm. That is to say, that bigger particles could damage thin conveyor belts very quickly. Therefore, when separating bigger fractions of metallic contaminants, e.g. thicker conveyor belts can be applied or a magnetic drum may be installed in front of the multi-stage roller. Thicker conveyor belts, however, will lead to the diminution of magnetic efficiency of this special separator).

Thanks to the quality of the materials used when producing the magnetic roller (combination of extra strong NdFeB magnets with special steel washers and the very thin but highly sturdy kevlar or glass-teflon conveyor belt) this top separator is able to achieve the magnetic induction of up to 21,000 gauss. This is a value, which has been reached only by electromagnetic separators.

On the other hand, it is necessary to bear in mind that the reached value of the magnetic induction of the magnetic roller it is not so important as the density of magnetic poles, because the VMSV is often used for catching small ferromagnetic particles. Should the distances between the magnetic poles be too large (to achieve the maximum magnetic induction), the very strong magnetic field generated in this way will not be exploitable for catching tiny impurities – because these would slip through between the magnetic poles. Therefore, in combination with very dense poling the optimum value of the magnetic induction on the roller surface ranges about 11,000 gauss (to achieve the maximum capture also of very small ferromagnetic particles).

Certificate TESYDOSOLLAU – our products are welded by real professionals!

SOLLAU certifications:  
Authorization to perform welding on pressure equipment according to PED 2014 / 68 / EU
Pressure welder certificate according to EN-ISO 3834 - 2, EN 1090 - 2, EN 13480 - 1 to 5, EN 13445 - 1 to 5

We produce the high intensity magnetic filter in two model series: in a standard one and in an economical one, to satisfy needs and requirements of the customers’ spectrum as much as possible. Our clients are guaranteed to obtain the product in those parameters, accurately corresponding with their needs, and that they will not pay extra a surplus value in vain, not necessary for their factual use.


  • Easy adjustment of conveyor belt tension
  • Each motor is equipped with a speed converter (= the speed of each conveyor belt can be set individually)
  • Inspection and service openings
  • Diameter of the rare earth rolls: 300 mm
  • ATEX certificate

This standard series is intended for the most exacting use. The advantage of this series is its modular arrangement. In a separate module, there is a pair of rollers (one roller of the pair is always a driving one and the other a driven one.

These roller pairs are mutually connected to each other with a conveyor belt). Thanks to the modular arrangement, according to a need, it is possible to put the separate modules at one another. In this way, an extremely high final purity can be achieved by means of up to five-stage version of this separator. In addition, due to big diameters of the magnetic rollers the material is in contact with magnetic field for a longer time, which again has a very positive influence on both the separating efficiency and on the device capacity.

The standard VMSV version is a result of several years’ research in the field of extremely demanding magnetic applications and the clients’ responses to this product can be characterized as highly positive. On the other hand, a greater diameter of the rollers and the modular arrangement unfortunately results in a higher build-up height of this special variant (because of these facts, the separator’ installation in lower factory buildings can be problematical). The customer must take into consideration higher purchase prices of this highly sophisticated device and another expense for building a corresponding service background, the staircase, a suspension of the whole device respectively.

ProductDimension of input/output (mm)Datasheet
VMSV 1/500 1140 x 890 display PDF
VMSV 1/1000 1140 x 1390 display PDF
VMSV 4/500** 800 x 600 display PDF
VMSV 4/1000** 1300 x 900 display PDF


  • Integrated feed roller with a speed controller
  • Each motor is equipped with a speed converter (= the speed of each conveyor belt can be set individually)
  • Compact version (usually including three rare earth rolls)
  • Budget version (attractive price/performance ratio)
  • Inspection and service openings
  • Diameter of the rare earth rolls: 150 mm
  • ATEX certificate

This economical variant of VMSV will enable usage of exceptional features of the multi-stage magnetic roller also to those customers, who otherwise could not use the standard version due to space, financial or time reasons.

The VMSV EKO consists of three pairs of rollers (there is one roller of the pair as a driving one and the other as a driven one, as above; these roller pairs are mutually connected to each other with a conveyor belt). In this case, however, the roller pairs are arranged downwards (like a cascade) and placed together in one box.

As to this EKO version, a feed roller has replaced the vibratory feeder; the diameters of the magnetic rollers and their number have been reduced to maximally three. The material is in contact with the magnetic field for a shorter time and thus the efficiency of the magnetic separation is slightly lower.

On the other hand, the total separator’s build-up height has been substantially decreased through this arrangement. The separator’s weight and also the overall dimensions have been considerably reduced as well (the device can be thus considered as a mobile one). Therefore, a high-priced and time-consuming building volume is not necessary and it has come to a substantial decrease of the selling price as well.

ProductDimension of input/output (mm)Datasheet
VMSV EKO 500 N 500 x 400 display PDF
VMSV EKO 1000 N 1000 x 900 display PDF
VMSV EKO 1500 N 1500 x 1400 display PDF

Which industrial branches can the high gradient magnetic separator be used in?

The high intensity rare earth roll magnetic separator finds use especially in the food-processing industry (e.g. at final secondary treatment of meat and bone meal or salt from salt mines) and pharmaceutics, when recycling the e-scrap (e.g. removing undesirable slightly magnetic stainless ingredients), in the foundry industry (purifying various sorts of foundry sand), in the glass and ceramic industry (separation of undesirable magnetic ingredients from silica and various sorts of glass sand, china clay, limestone, clay).

Furthermore, the high intensity magnetic separator is used in the chemical industry (for cleaning pigments), when producing refractional materials (their purification and cleaning fireclay, abrasive solids etc.). Also when mining and processing mineral resources and minerals (classical use is the enrichment and cleaning feldspars, manganese, pegmatite, bauxite, magnesite, titanium, staurolite, haematite, barit, swelling clay, potash, quartz, diamonds, rare earths, e.g. boron, gold, scandium, iron ore, talcum, zircon and many others).