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  • Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

    We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

  • We repair magnetic separators of various brands

    We check the global status of the separator, we gauge its magnetic eficiency and issue the certificate of inspection result and recommend a suitable way of repair.

  • Development and job-order manufacture

    Our magnetic separators are designed and created by us exactly according to your requirements and needs. Thanks to this they fulfil your expectations.

A specialist in field of magnetic separation

Our magnetic separators are featured with a fabrication of quality, attractive design, extensity of application use, high effectiveness of tramp metal removal and acceptable price. We will help you when solving a problem how to remove the unwelcome adulterants coming from products and contribute to the preservation of machinery.

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The separation line is equipped with a hopper, a vibrating feeder and a magnetic drum. The cans are fed into the hopper and fall onto the vibrating feeder. Thanks to the vibrating feeder, the cans are spread over the entire width of the vibrating feeder and subsequently over the magnetic drum. This is very important for the final separation results.

While the aluminum cans fall into a corresponding container, the iron cans are attracted to the magnetic field of the stationary internal magnetic system and held to the rotating shell surface of the drum magnet. The revolving shell transports the magnetic particles out of the magnetic field where they are discharged into a collecting container.

The entire separation system is automatic, without the need for human attendance except for filling the hopper with the material to be separated.

We have achieved a very good separation level of aluminum cans from ferromagnetic contaminants while keeping the required production capacity of the sorting line.

Sorting line for separation of cans



Conveyor magnetic separator DND-AC with automatic cleaning

Overband self-cleaning magnetic separators DND-AC

DND-AC is designed to handle product stream with a high content of ferromagnetic particles. It is designed to capture in a quick and easy way valuable ferromagnetic particles from a product stream and at the same time the overband magnetic plate with automatic cleaning protects your machinery that subsequently treat the material.

Chute magnets ML

Chute magnets ML

The inline chute magnet (because of its form also sometimes called “lantern” or external pole magnet) is designed for separation of small ferromagnetic particles from materials of worse bulk and pouring properties (such as cereals, flour, powder, sawdust etc.) that could clog the traditional magnetic grate separators. We deliver the chute magnet in a stainless steel housing that is to be connected to a pipeline in order to become its integral part.

Hopper magnets TM

Hopper magnets TM

Magnetic separator for the hoppers of injection moulding machines s designed to separate iron tramp from free-flowing dry materials (such as regranulates, crushed plastic materials, plastic crumb, rejected mouldings etc.). The hopper magnet protects the moulding machines (with standard cone hoppers) and other processing equipment from damage by ferromagnetic particles.

Self-cleaning magnetic grate separators MSSJ-AC

Self-cleaning magnetic grate separators MSSJ-AC

Magnetic grate separator with automatic cleaning is designed to separate in a quick and easy way even the finest magnetic iron contamination from free-flowing substances of good bulk properties and to protect the machinery that subsequently treats these materials. Possibility to replace the individual magnetic bars (= lower repair and service costs)


How to choose the proper magnetic separator

Many of our clients believe that it is enough to purchase a device equipped with permanent magnets in one of the specialized...

An improperly chosen magnetic separator

Initial status

Our client needed to remove very fine iron particles from free-flowing materials without bridging characteristics

ML-P plate magnetic separator for pipelines

The ML-P trap magnet in the plate design is intended especially for the separation of ferromagnetic particles from problematic,...

MSK-MC cascade magnetic separator

In case you need to clean high volumes of bulk materials (even of those tending to bridge) with a low content of ferromagnetic...

LSV laboratory magnetic separator

A special configuration of extremely strong neodymium magnets generates more than ten times magnetic induction compared to...

MSU LUX mobile separation unit

A unique compact cleaning system combining the power of permanent magnets with electromagnetic separator versatility can...

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  • We are a Czech manufacturing company following the tradition of Czech mechanical engineering
  • We do custom manufacturing tailored to the customer's needs
  • We will elaborate a quotation for standard separators within three working days.
  • We offer professional advice on magnetic separation and metal detection
  • Český výrobek / Made in Czech RepublicWe have our own Design and Development Department
  • We have our own production facilities
  • We create products with a modern, contemporary design
  • We only use components of renowned brands
  • We certify our products (ATEX, HACCP, IFS, pressure tests, attestation of materials, etc.)
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • We test, measure and certify both our own products and third-party products
  • Spare parts are available within a short time
  • We buy old separators and dispose of them ecologically
  • Service within the Czech Republic within 24 hours
  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2016
  • Our devices will provide you with a competitive edge


Separation of tramp iron from woodchips

Initial status

In the woodworking and paper industry, a part of the input raw material consists of recycled wood chips (from used pallets, old furniture, etc.). That is why...

Separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from small sized crushed plastics (case study)

Initial status

As recycling of plastic materials is carried out by various machinery (shredders, mills, granulators etc.), the final (crushed) material may be contaminated...

Separation of iron and aluminum cans from non-metallic contamination (case study)

Separation goal

The metal cans can be contaminated with non-metallic objects (paper, plastic packaging, etc.). The separation goal is to sort out the aluminum cans from the...

Other case studies


Magnetic pockets

Magnetic pockets

A magnetic pocket with plastic foil ensures easy placing together with the protection of the inserted document in your office, stockroom, or workshop. We offer both standard magnetic pockets and pockets with a colored magnetic frame that adheres to any ferromagnetic surface.

Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets

These neodymium magnets are manufactured in various shapes - cylinders, prisms, rings, rods, cones, or spheres. The neodymium magnet excels in very strong adhesion, allowing its use in very small spaces.

Pot magnets

Pot magnets

Magnetic lenses include a combination of a cylindrical magnet being placed into a metal housing. This steel housing ensures a big growth of the magnetic holding force of the magnetic core used and protects the magnet from impact, cracking, or disruption at a big temperature change at the same time.