A specialist in field of magnetic separation

Our magnetic separators are featured with a fabrication of quality, attractive design, extensity of application use, high effectiveness of tramp metal removal and acceptable price. We will help you when solving a problem how to remove the unwelcome adulterants coming from products and contribute to the preservation of machinery.

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Permanent overband magnetic plates DND-AC

Permanent overband magnetic plates DND-AC

Is designed to handle product stream with a high content of ferromagnetic particles (exceeding the limitation of standard suspended plate magnets).

Sheltered magnetic drums MBZ

Sheltered magnetic drums MBZ

Is a device for automatic and permanent removal of magnetic iron metals from inert materials.

Self-cleaning magnetic grate separators MSS-AC

Self-cleaning magnetic grate separators MSS-AC

Is designed to separate in a quick and easy way even the finest magnetic iron contamination from free-flowing substances of good bulk properties.

Eddy current separator kovů ECS

Eddy current separator ECS-C

The basis of this separator is a magnetic rotor fitted very with strong neodymium magnets (the rotor is positioned within a separately rotating non-metallic driven roller of the integrated band conveyer).


  • We are a Czech manufacturing company following the tradition of Czech mechanical engineering
  • We collaborate with universities and research institutes in the area of development
  • We do custom manufacturing tailored to the customer's needs
  • We will elaborate a quotation for standard separators within three working days.
  • We offer professional advice on magnetic separation and metal detection
  • We have our own Design and Development Department
  • We have our own production facilities
  • We create products with a modern, contemporary design
  • We only use components of renowned brands
  • We certify our products (ATEX, HACCP, IFS, pressure tests, attestation of materials, etc.)
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • We test, measure and certify both our own products and third-party products
  • Spare parts are available within a short time
  • We buy old separators and dispose of them ecologically
  • Service within the Czech Republic within 24 hours
  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2015
  • Extensive experience and references in the field of magnetic separation and metal detection
  • Our devices will provide you with a competitive edge


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