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  • Neodymium versions
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Made-to-measure products
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Towable magnetic sweeper

Tow behind magnetic sweepers for the airport and roads MSA

magnetic sweepers have been designed for the very effective collection of any metal waste irrespective of its size and shape from the outsized paved surfaces and areas.

Our sweepers are same useful and important as your conventional cleaning vehicles (sweepers, blowers, vacuum cleaners). No matter how powerful are the cleaning machines you use, you still need to clean the local areas or make special cleaning of metal fragments in the pavement macro texture and for systematic collection of various dangerous metal objects anywhere with intensive traffic of vehicles and movement persons with enhanced risk of FOD occurrences.

The metal objects and debris, in aviation industry so called FOD (FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS) includes metal objects like the metallic bolts, nuts, nails, needles, washers, buckles, thumbtacks, springs, coins and many other metal objects like parts of GSE equipment and belongings of the airport personnel or passengers inadvertently left on the ground and especially the sweeper brushes - bristles or other nearly invisible tiny metal fragments and metal dust.

Advantages of tow behind magnetic sweeper

  • can be easily towed behind a standard airport vehicle (car or tractor) using ball coupler or towing loop to sweep in the operating speeds up to 45 km/h.
  • have great magnetic sweeping performance because of massive magnetic housing with installation of the world strongest magnets - the “neodymium permanent magnets”
  • are available in the outstanding magnetic sweeping widths of 3 meters or 9 meters – see the sweeper MSA 3000 / GLADIATOR angd the sweeper MSA 9000 / Emperor
  • have heavy duty design to withstand the most exacting conditions (very high humidity and temperatures or freezing conditions)
  • even though they are robust and very resistant they have easy handling for any operator
  • are friendly to environment and they meet strict conditions of REACH regulation
  • every design of our sweepers is submitted to magnetic performance assessment including standardized FOD testing objects
  • every magnetic sweeper is delivered with a set of detailed operations and maintenance documents and with recommendations how to involve it in the aggregate FOD PROGRAM
  • are delivered with the extensive standard equipment (set of LED lights and strobe lamps) and unique optional equipment, e.g.:
    • “electronic” lifting and demagnetizing of permanent magnets in the magnetic housing
    • „GPS tracking” and data recording device of the sweeping operations for more details see our MSA magnetic sweepers brochure or contact our team

The main reason for using magnetic sweepers at the airport

Sharp fragments of metal bristles lost from the conventional sweepers can cause flat tire problem of many aircraft and airport vehicles.

Benefits of SOLLAU magnetic sweepers:

Unique smart design - different from any „similar” tow behind magnetic sweepers - impresssive performance of sweeping - the strongest existing magnets – neodymium magnets

  • Effective and easy to use magnetic cleaning device (tow-behind trailer) for assembly of FOD from the airports, roads, racing or testing circuits and for the use of operators, who need to clean metal debris from any other large grounds like machinery production facilities and its surroundings, repair premises, ports and storages, parking lots etc.
  • Necessary cleaning device for airports with heavy winter operations and regular occurrence of sharp steel bristles lost from the sweeper brushes and
  • Excellent maintenance equipment for runways and roads with panels, for any grooved runways where the metallic scrap can easily assemble, for airports with damaged sections of runway or apron pavements (with small holes and surface cracks) and for the application after maintenance activities releasing metallic FOD including metal dust, fragments and particles like surface shot blasting, milling and grinding.
  • Equipment for the systematic collection of a variety of dangerous metallic objects in areas with intense movement of vehicles and persons.

Easy to transport to any location – ground safety during military missions

  • Our magnetic sweepers can be easily manipulated and transported to any remote location (be operated during military missions). They are very useful equipment for the magnetic cleaning of dirty runways with unknown maintenance standards and conditions.
  • Magnetic sweepers are a complementary equipment to another sweeping systems, especially in case of specific runway types and conditions.

NOTE: We recommend to our customers the purchase of our triple hitch sweeper with more than 9 meters of effective sweeping track in case that the runway is too wide for 3 meters sweeping or if the available runway closure times are too short. The tripled performance of MSA 9000 will guarantee that you can sweep more efficiently and save a lot of time.


Our basic model of airport magnetic sweepers, the MSA 3000 – „GLADIATOR“, has been specially designed for operations on the airports and other large tracks. It is suitable for the FOD maintenance operations on the small and middle-sized (regional) airports including military air bases, with outstanding magnetic sweeping width of 3 020 mm.

SOLAU MSA sweeps are very simple to maintain, they do not require virtually any additional costs after the purchase and can be operated even under the most demanding conditions.

Completely unique design – why?

Magnetic housing height can be easily changed and precisely set between 30 and 100 mm using the central setting wheel. Demagnetizing of the magnetic housing active zone is also very simple without much effort of operator´s manual force and the FOD is just dropped to the installed large FOD boxes for easy disposal once the magnetic cleaning will be finished.

Send us your request for sweeper Quote and any questions. We appreciate also the questions related to your previous experiences on magnetic sweeping and use of your old magnetic sweeping device or any other alternative tow - behind sweeping devices.


Our model MSA 9000 – “GLADIATOR” is a high-end product and definitely the most powerful magnetic sweeping equipment in the world. The magnetic sweeper is suitable for maintenance operations of middle size and big airports, with outstanding sweeping width of 9 060 mm.

This giant magnetic sweeper consists of 3 individual trailers connected during sweeping in the triple hitch to make single extraordinary sweeping unit. Main central hitch is equipped with the telescopic arms with couplers for easy connection of the side hitches without need of any tools.

Each sweeper can be also used individually in the operational mode (e.g. for local “apron sweeping”) or alternatively they can be towed one after another in order to multiply the effect of magnetic collection or same way in the transportation mode with the uplifted magnetic housing, in case of transportation to and back from the sweeping site.

Why are neodymium permanent magnets “unique for fod collection”?

  • Neodymium (Nd) is “rare-earth metal” that gives the magnets extreme magnetic force
  • Neodymium magnetic alloy (NDFEB) magnet is a Japanese patent from the year of 1984 and it is produced by sintering of Neodymium, Iron and Boron
  • because of presence of “Boron” component in the magnetic alloy it can attract and keep the FOD metallic objects attached longer and with greater reliability
  • Neodymium magnets are the strongest commercially available permanent magnets in the world since they are 10 times stronger than any commonly used ceramic magnets (BHMAX value = 40)
  • The difference between neodymium and common ferrite (ceramic) magnets is also noticeable in magnetic sweeping

Which industrial branches can the magnetic sweeper be use of in?