Advantages of magnetic separator MSP-BP

  • Neodymium magnets with induction up to 18,700 G
  • Made to measure separator production
  • Capturing Fe particles in size from 1 micron
  • High capacity
  • Long lifetime

Flow-type magnetic separators for black powder separation MSP-BP

The MSP-BP magnetic separator is used to separate fine ferromagnetic particles (especially of sulfide and iron oxide, generally referred to as the black dust) from piping systems for the transportation of crude oil or gaseous products.

Benefits for the use of separator MSP-BP

  • Protection of expensive production equipment (pumps, measuring instruments, flaps, valves)
  • Wear reduction of the transport pipeline by the black dust
  • Significant increase in the quality of a petrolic, gas, or chemical product
  • Reduction of filtration costs (e.g. compared to disposable filters, no expenses to be incurred for the magnetic separator)
  • Reduction of the number of cleaning in cycles (e.g. decrease operating costs)

Construction of the MSP-BP press separator

The basis of this magnetic grid separator with manual cleaning is a system of magnetic tubes in a stainless steel casing. Thanks to a sophisticated flow labyrinth and very strong permanent magnets, it can capture even the smallest metal impurities and ensure a very high separation level. During the separation process, the trapped magnetic particles are held on the rear parts of stainless steel tubes with magnetic cores, and therefore do not block the cleaned material flow and are also protected against unwanted flushing by the flowing cleaned mass.

Main advantages of the MSP-BP separator

Traditional methods used to capture the black dust include the application of cyclones, disposable paper, fiberglass, or polymer filters. Compared to these technologies, the MSP-BP magnetic separator.

  • is considerably more efficient - extremely strong neodymium magnets capture even particles in size of 1 micron which cyclones or conventional disposable filters are unable to manage
  • has a significantly higher capacity - conventional disposable filters will be clogged very quickly
  • reduces downtime related to a time-consuming replacement of disposable filters
  • shows a quick economic return (while the cost for disposable filters will never repay)
  • captures both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants (such as asphaltene, paraffin, glycol), for during the pipeline transport both contaminant types will aggregate into larger wholes (the ratio of trapped contaminants is even 25: 75 - most of the contaminants captured by the magnetic separator are surprisingly non-magnetic!)

Which industrial branches can the grate magnetic separator be use of in?

The MSP-BP magnetic separator is mainly used to reduce the content of undesirable contaminants (the black dust, abrasion from transport systems, etc.) during loading and unloading of petroleum products in port terminals; at the input of raw materials for LPG production, petroleum refineries, and offshore mining plateaus, at gas producers, at airports, in chemical and power plants, at the check and measuring points of long-distance pipelines for the transport of gas and petroleum products, etc.