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Advantages of the mobile separation unit MSU

  • Neodymium magnets with induction up to 18,700 G
  • Made to measure production
  • Capturing Fe particles in size from 1 micron (μm)
  • Automatic separation of non-magnetic metals
  • Dedusting appliance
  • Quick and easy relocation
  • Easy cleaning

Mobile separation unit MSU

The MSU mobile filtration unit enables enables easy and fast separation of all metal particles from the cleaned product and protects against damage to machines and equipment which subsequently process the cleared material.

Benefits of using the commingled sorting system

  • Removal of the subsequent equipment damage risk
  • Removal of magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Mobile device equipment
  • Fast investment return
  • Minimization of material losses due to combined separation

Construction of the MSU mobile separation unit

This mobile metal separation device consists of the stainless steel feeding hopper, the magnetic separator and the PDK fall-through detector. From the feeding hopper, the cleaned powder or granulated material falls onto the magnetic grate, while the very strong magnetic field generated by the neodymium magnets inside the grate tubes captures even the finest ferromagnetic impurities on the grate surface - including iron dust and paramagnetic particles.

Subsequent grate cleaning is very easy: after removing the grate from the separation unit and pulling out the magnetic cores from the protective stainless steel tubes, the trapped iron impurities will fall off spontaneously. After pre-cleaning by means of the magnetic separator, the material falls through the PDK detector, which automatically detects and discards all non-magnetic metal impurities.

Alternatives and optional accessories

In the standard version, we fit the MSU with the magnet into the TM feeding hopper and the fall-through detector for pipes with a diameter of 100 mm. Nevertheless, we can adapt the separation unit according to your specific capacity and quality needs. As to the MSU-LUX variant, the set consists of the dedusting device, the MSS-MC magnetic separator (with a magnetic induction of 18,700 G) and the PDK metal detector.

We can produce both types of the MSU according to your dimension and capacity requirements with a whole range of options (height-adjustable design, with the wall frame hanging, flanges for connection onto your piping system, collecting containers for cleared and contaminated material, etc.).


Mobile separation unit MSU-LUX

  • Two-stage separation (of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities)
  • Easy and safe cleaning
  • Mobile design
  • 18,700 Gauss on the core and 12,200 Gauss on the casing
  • Supplemented with the dedusting device
  • Five-year warranty on the magnetic core of the grate

The MSU-LUX mobile separation unit is used to separate ferromagnetic and also non-magnetic metal particles. The fundamental bonus is its mobility, maximum separation quality (it is equipped with the magnetic separator with a magnetic induction of 18,700 G) and the dedusting device as a part of this unit. The MSU-LUX really represents a complex separation device.

The MSU-LUX includes:

  • the stainless steel hopper
  • the dedusting appliance
  • the MSS-MC magnetic separator
  • the fall-through metal detector with the elimination of contaminants

The whole device is mounted in a mobile wheel frame.


Mobile separation unit MSU

  • Two-stage separation (ferromagnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities)
  • Easy and safe cleaning
  • Mobile design
  • 9,000 Gauss on the core and 6,000 Gauss on the casing
  • Low purchase costs and fast rate of return

The MSU mobile separation unit is used for the separation of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic metals. Its main contribution consists in its mobility. Thanks to this, you can use this device in more places of your operation and reduce the purchase costs for individual separation devices.

The MSU includes:

  • the stainless steel hopper
  • the feeding hopper magnet TM (magnetic separator)
  • the fall-through metal detector with the elimination of contaminants

The whole device is mounted in a mobile wheel frame.

In which industry branches will the mobile separation unit be used?

The combined assembly of the magnetic grate and the fall-through metal detector is ideal for application in plastics production (quality control of ingoing and outgoing materials, protection of injection molding presses and extruders, etc.), in glass recycling, the chemical industry and for laboratory check including testing of well penetrable loose materials in general.