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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

Pot magnets - magnetic grips

Pot magnets

The magnetic grip (magnetic lens) is a steel housing with an embedded magnet.

This steel housing protects the magnet from damage or breakage and also increases its magnetic strength. It can be threaded to facilitate attachment of the magnetic lens to a non-magnetic surface.

According to the shape we distinguish magnetic mounts as follows:

  • Magnetic mount with a hole for countersunk screw
  • Magnetic mount with a threaded hole
  • Magnetic mount with threaded pin - external thread
  • Magnetic mount with threaded pin - internal thread
  • Cylindrical magnetic mount

The magnetic lens (magnetic grip) can be fitted with different magnets. These differ not only in magnetic strength but also in temperature resistance:

  • Pot magnet with ferrite magnet (Fe)
  • Pot magnet with very strong neodymium magnet (NdFeB)
  • Pot magnet with samarium magnet (SmCO)
  • Pot magnet with AlNiCo magnet (AlNiCo)

Comparison of magnetic mounts

Pot magnet typeHolding forceTemperature resistancePrice
Pot magnet (Fe) 200 °C
Pot magnet (NdFeB) 80 °C
Pot magnet (SmCo) 350 °C
Pot magnet (AlNiCo) 450 °C