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Advantages of a demagnetizer RO

  • Demagnetization of smaller as well as larger objects
  • Depth of the demagnetization field: up to 40 mm
  • Mobile demagnetizer
  • Quick, easy, and standby demagnetization
  • Small size and low weight

Hand demagnetizer RO

Hand demagnetizer RO

Some materials hold residual magnetism after exposure to a magnetic field - the amount depends on the size of the workpiece and the type of material. To eliminate this undesirable residual magnetism, objects must be exposed to an alternating magnetic field that eliminates it to the lowest possible value.

For large parts and workpieces, the lightweight HD Series Handheld Demagnetizer is easy to operate and easy to carry. We offer a manual demagnetizer in two versions depending on the thickness and dimensions of the workpiece that needs to be demagnetized. HD2 is designed for larger and thicker workpieces or tools.

Advantages of a manual demagnetizer

  • Compact dimensions and mobility
  • High demagnetizing power
  • Lightweight plastic construction with a large handle
  • Switch button for easy operation
  • Overheat protection
  • Recommended duty cycle 20%
  • Power 3m cable with plug

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Cat. numberActive area (mm)Power consumption (VA)Depth of magnetic field (mm)Weight (kg)
HD2 105 x 95 350 max. 40 2,2