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Advantages of metal detectors

  • Food and non-food applications = wide range of uses
  • Detection or separation of metal particles even at high speeds
  • High sensitivity
  • For gravity fed, pneumatically conveyed or on belts transported materials
  • Resistant to water, vibrations and external electromagnetic fields
  • Reject systems according to the clients needs

Metal detectors

We offer a complete portfolio of metal detectors. At our company you will find metal detectors for the food industry (belt conveyor metal detectors, free fall metal detectors etc.) as well as industrial metal detectors.

Our magnetic separator are able to remove ferromagnetic contaminants - and thanks to the subsequent use of metal detectors, non-magnetic metals can be captured as well. This ensures that the final product is perfectly clean.

In our portfolio there are belt conveyor metal detectors, metals detectors for pressure conveying lines as well as gravity free fall metal detectors13.07.2021 for detecting metals in materials transported by free fall.

We know that the choice of the right metal detector is a demanding task, and therefore our dealers are ready to advise you professionally and help you with the selection – please, do not hesitate to contact us.