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Advantages of the magnetic grate MR-K

  • Up to 12 000 Gauss on the stainless steel protective cover
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the integrated grommet wipers
  • Separation of magnetic particles from 1 µm
  • Simple design
  • Polished surface
  • Separators can be loaned

Grid magnets MR-K

The grate magnet MR-K is a simple separator serving to catching ferromagnetic particles both from loose compounds and from liquids. Stainless grate, in which there are stainless cores closed hermetically, is polished and disposes of a system of cleaning via wiping segments.

This version of a magnetic grid is equipped with neodymium magnets of the biggest power generating an extremely high magnetic induction (approximately 12 000 G) thanks to which it is able to catch even the partially magnetic metal particles e. g. weakly magnetic stainless steel.


  • Made-to-measure separators
  • Diameter of the magnetic tubes: 25 mm
  • High pull strength
  • Waterproof design
  • Zero operating costs

MR-K magnetic separator is a simple separator serving to catching ferromagnetic particles coming from liquids.

ProductDimension (mm)Datasheet
MR-K 176x250 N 176 x 250 display PDF
MR-K 236x250 N 236 x 250 display PDF
MR-K 296x300 N 296 x 300 display PDF
MR-K 356x350 N 356 x 350 display PDF
MR-K 416x400 N 416 x 400 display PDF