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  • Only neodymium versions
  • Made-to-measure separators
  • Easy cleaning system on slides
  • High processing capacity (up to 85 m3/h)

Magnetic chute MS-MC

The magnetic chute MS-MC is designated for inclined pipeline systems, where the application of other types of the magnetic separators would be difficult or even impossible. In order to achieve optimal separation results, the angle of the pipeline, in which the plate magnet is mounted, should not exceed 40° from the vertical.

The magnetic chutes are available in several versions with different strengths of the magnetic field (ferritic, weaker neodymium types with N35 magnets, stronger neodymium types with N52 magnets) and in both heavy and light variants so that they could be modified exactly according to the customers´ individual requirements.

Design of chute separator

The SOLLAU chute magnet is equipped with an extraction plate, from which the captured metal impurities can be removed very easily. The magnetic part of the separator is released manually and moved away from the extraction plate. The captured impurities then fall off spontaneously. This magnetic separator is provided with a special projection on the surface of the extraction plate ensuring maximum separation efficiency and preventing the captured impurities in being washed away by the material flow (which would result in quality degradation of the cleaned product).

What pipeline is the separtor connected to?

The MS magnetic separator is produced either in a version with housing (i.e. it is delivered with a part of the pipeline concluded with flanges for the connection to the existing customer's pipeline) or in a configuration without housing (i. e. only a chute magnet is supplied in order to be incorporated by the customer into his pipeline system).


Chute separator MS-MC

  • Magnetic flux: 7 500 Gauss
  • Separation of magnetic particles from 1,5 mm

The neodymium versions are very strong and they are used for separation of fine ferromagnetic particles (as for example metal splinters, wear from the pipeline, iron scales, pieces of machined stainless steel, etc.) even from a higher material layer (the neodymium magnets can capture particles from the size of 60 micrometers, but they are also capable of removing bigger ferromagnetic particles).

ProductDimension of input/output (mm)Datasheet
MS-MC 250 N 250 x 250 display PDF
MS-MC 300 N 300 x 350 display PDF
MS-MC 350 N 350 x 350 display PDF
MS-MC 400 N 400 x 350 display PDF
MS-MC 450 N 450 x 350 display PDF
MS-MC 500 N 500 x 350 display PDF
MS-MC 600 N 600 x 350 display PDF

Which industrial branches can the chute magnetic separator be use of in?

The chute separator finds its application in the food processing industry, fodder production, pharmaceutical industry, wood processing, chemical and ceramic industries etc.