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Advantages of a demagnetizer SO

  • Depth of the demagnetization field: up to 40 mm
  • Several dimensional versions = the possibility of demagnetizing larger or smaller objects
  • Double coil = high quality demagnetization + long lifetime
  • Automatic adjustment of the demagnetization field = energy-saving operation

Table demagnetizer SO

Stolní odmagnetovač SO

Table demagnetizer offers a wide range of uses. Our table demagnetizers can automatically adapt the height of the magnetic field according to needs and the component size. Big emhasis is also put on the working economy, with our table demagnetizers you can easily lower your working costs.

The principle of its activity is in the creation of a demagnetizing field which adapts itself to the residual magnetism and the size and shape of the component. The double coil with an unlimited working cycle guarantees high quality of demagnetization and a long life of the device.

The innovated type DEM-4 EASY LOGIC with a demagnetizing field of up to 40 mm above the working surface guarantees the quick demagnetization of massive components.

Design of table demagnetizer

  • Automatic regulation of operation
  • Economic working
  • High demagnetizing field
  • Unlimited working cycle

Using a demagnetizer

  • Demagnetization of tools
  • Demagnetization of components and workpieces

Easy ordering at the e-shop

TypeDimension (mm)Power voltage (V)Power consumption (W)Weight (kg)
DM 3 250 180 87 220 352 9
DM 4 280 266 87 220 352 12
DM 5 400 306 87 220 352 17
DEM-4 Easy Logic 280 280 86 220 352 14