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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.



Magnetic sweeper Flying is one of the safest modes of transportation. Still, many people are afraid of flying. One of the arguments which will make them get on the plane is the fact that security is always a priority at airports.

Our magnetic runway sweepers contribute to airport safety by the removal of ferrous metal debris from runways and service roads.

They can also prevent tire punctures on cycle paths, in harbors or on racing circuits.

Undesirable magnetic objects in the aviation - FOD (Foreign Object Debris)

FOD at airports can cause real problems, such as aircraft flat tires, the risk of FOD being sucked into the aircraft engine, etc. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to the collection of metal debris like nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, screws, metal shavings, swarf, scrap metal or even wires from runway sweepers. Just the magnetic sweeper is a suitable device to complement other runway cleaning machines and helps ensure maximum protection against FOD at the airport.


Magnetic sweepers are most commonly used at airports - at the smaller regional ones (even with unpaved surfaces) as well as at the largest international airports. At the airports, the aim is to prevent FOD from causing damage to the aircraft or its engine. Here it is a question of safety.Safety needs to be solved not only at the airports but also on race tracks and test polygons.

Magnetic sweepers can also be used in ports, recycling yards or for cleaning cycle paths. The primary purpose here is to prevent a tire puncture, which can be caused, e. g., by a nail or a sharp wire.

So, why are magnetic sweepers needed?

Collection of FOD

FOD is the enemy at airports. There are nails, screws, wires from cleaning machines or inadequately secured covers. We can capture it all. Our magnetic runway sweepers help make air transport safer!

Preventing flat tires

Tire defects caused by nails or other debris are undesirable and costly. We can remove sharp metal objects from race tracks, test polygons and cycle paths. Similarly, in ports, we can help the smooth container shipping by eliminating downtime caused by flat tires.

Injury prevention

Injury by a sharp metal object is not pleasant. We can prevent it and get rid playing fields, festival areas, racetracks, horse arenas, fairgrounds and parking area of ferrous objects.

The introduction of a magnetic separator into the sugar production process helps minimize the risk of equipment damage, improves the quality and safety of the final product, and enables sugar factories to comply with hygiene standards and regulations.


Airports - maintenance of runways and other areas

Undesirable magnetic objects in the aviation - FOD (Foreign Object Debris)

FOD at airports can cause real problems:

  • tire punctures on airplanes
  • the suction of FOD into the aircraft engine, etc.

Extraordinary attention must be paid to the collection of metal debris at airports. Just the magnetic sweeper is a suitable device that can help ensure maximum protection against FOD at the airport. Runway sweepers can be supplemented with other equipment (e.g., collection nets) for the removal of non-ferrous FOD.

It is always up to the airport what type of magnetic sweepers it chooses:

The FALCON magnetic sweeper is more suitable for smaller regional airports. We produce it in working widths of 2, 3 and 6 meters. The FALCON runway sweeper is a great way how to remove FOD from grass runways (as its design allows it to effectively collect FOD even on uneven surfaces).

Magnetic sweepers MS FALCON for airports and large areas

The MSA GLADIATOR runway sweeper is the most powerful magnetic sweeping machine in the world thanks to its strongest neodymium magnets. We produce it in widths of 3, 6, and 9 meters.

There is often needed a combined use of the MSA GLADIATOR magnetic sweeper. Customers use the MSA GLADIATOR 9000 for runway maintenance and benefit from its maximum working width of 9 meters. The runway is cleared of FOD really quickly. This runway sweeper consists of 3 independent sweeperss of 3 meters. After disconnecting the side sweepers, the total width is reduced to 3 meters. Other areas - aircraft stands, service roads, hangars and their surroundings are simply cleaned with a 3 m wide magnetic sweeper. Handling in these spaces is easier and that is why we support this great solution. So the customer gets two devices for one price!

Airport staff and especially the security engineer are often surprised at the FOD we can catch (even after the runway or service roads have been cleaned by other cleaning equipment!). Most often there are nails, sweeper wires and screws - and in addition, we have even discovered an inadequately secured manhole cover! Check out the photo gallery below - you may be surprised!

Do you want to test how effective our magnetic broom is?

Do you want to know how fast the MSA GLADIATOR magnetic sweeper can clean the runway of ferrous FOD?

Thanks to the strongest neodymium magnets it can reliably capture ferrous debris at a speed of 45 km/h, i. e., it can remove ferrous FOD from a 30 m wide and 2 km long runway in only 10 minutes!



Race tracks and test polygons

A flat tire during a race or when testing vehicles on the polygon? A large number of these defects are caused by nails, screws or other iron objects. Surely we can agree that this is a dangerous matter, however, this complication can be easily avoided, by making use of:

Choosing the right sweeper depends on the track size: the MS FALCON magnetic sweeper can effectively pick up metal debris (nails, screws, etc.) at 25 km/h. The MSA GLADIATOR runway sweeper broom can do it even at a speed of 45 km/h.

If the customer decides to use the MSA GLADIATOR 9000, he can remove ferrous debris from a 3 km long race circuit with an 18 m track width in just 8 minutes!

A large amount of metal debris is often found on the grassy edges of the race tracks. These contaminants are carried onto the track by vehicles during testing/racing which may result into serious difficulties. Our magnetic sweepers allow you to clean perfectly flat asphalt tracks as well as uneven surfaces (such as lawns) thanks to their sweeping height adjustment.

The 6 or 9 m wide magnetic sweeper consists of 3 separate sweepers. These sweepers can also be towed behind each other, so the transport width makes only 2 or 3 meters! If you transport the sweeper along narrow service roads (e. g., to a warehouse, depot, hangar, etc.) its transport is very easy.

Do you want to test how effective our magnetic broom is?


Even harbor areas are to be regularly cleaned of metal debris.MS FALCON is most often used for this purpose.

The loading and unloading of containers at the port require a large amount of mobile handling equipment. Sharp iron objects cause frequent flat tires of these machines and lead to forced downtimes and cause problems with the smoothness and speed of container handling (which is totally undesirable in a port environment).

The solution is very simple - regular removal of ferrous debris from the port area by the application of our MS FALCON magnetic sweeper. Choosing the right sweeper depends on the area size to be cleaned and the maneuverability requirements. That is why our customers most often choose a 2 m or 3 m wide magnetic broom to efficiently clean large areas, while easily maneuvering on service roads and around containers.

In this way, not only the handling equipment but also the trucks transporting the containers can be protected.

Do you want to test how effective our magnetic broom is?


Cycle paths

is most often used for cleaning metal debris from cycle paths

Flat bicycle tire? Cyclists can often be seen on bike paths repairing a flat tire on their bike. And the most common cause of these defects is sharp metal debris (nails, wires, etc.). The solution is very simple! Our MS FALCON magnetic broom is designed to be easily attached behind the towing device of the vehicle in order to remove ferrous debris from cycle paths. The most commonly used magnetic sweeper for this purpose is a 2 m wide broom. We also produce magnetic brooms of larger widths, but for cleaning cycle paths, a 2 m wide broom is most often used, thanks to its good maneuverability on the cycle path.



Collection and recycling scrap yards

The places where scrap metal is bought and processed are full of sharp metal objects. And these cause tire punctures not only on material handling equipment but also on trucks and vehicles transporting the scrap metal. Flat tires in recycling yards can be avoided by regular removal of metal debris from recycling yards using:

Forklift magnetic sweepers are most often used for the collection of metal debris at recycling yards. Attaching the magnetic broom to the forklift is a matter of seconds. Then you just drive around the outdoor area and collect nails. It is so easy! Sometimes the sweeper is also used when sorting various kinds of metals (e. g., metal shavings). The material contaminated with iron particles is spread on the ground and the unwanted ferrous metals are removed with the magnetic broom. In this way, you can easily sort e. g. aluminum shavings from iron ones and increase the value of the purchased material.

Some customers prefer a hanging magnetic broom placed behind the vehicle – such as a forklift or other handling trolley. The broom is usually permanently suspended behind the trolley so that you simultaneously collect metal debris during any forklift ride. More and more companies are equipping their material handling trolleys with our magnetic brooms to ensure maximum cleanliness of the working area.



Grassy areas, racecourses, parks

Metal debris is not only undesirable on paved roads, where it can cause punctures in bicycle and car tires, but it can also result in problems on unpaved or grassy surfaces.

is most often used to collect them.

Sharp and dangerous metal objects are undesirable on racetracks, where the horses’ health is at stake. We also do not want dangerous objects left on the lawn after the festival is over. It is also dangerous when metal objects are found in city parks or playgrounds. We can easily solve all this with the help of MS FALCON.

Production premises and parking lots

Is there a large amount of metal debris in your production premises? Are you worried about your customers getting a flat tire in your parking lot? Then use:

For one-time cleaning of parking lots or production areas from nails or wires, it is advisable to use a forklift magnetic sweeper.

More and more customers prefer to place the MZ-Z hang type magnetic broom behind a forklift or other handling trolley and collect metal debris continuously. The trolley operator cleans the magnetic broom no sooner than at the shift end - this is his only duty regarding the magnetic cleaning. How easy and effective!



Runway closure marker

The portable lighted runway closure marker represents a modern and efficient method to warn pilots of closed runways and taxiways. It is primarily used in bad weather conditions to mark the closure of the airport runway due to its maintenance or snow removal.

The portable lighted runway closure marker is mounted on a trailer. That is why this mobile device can be quickly transported to the desired location. The closure marker construction allows its assembling or disassembling within 5 minutes by one person.The portable lighted runway closure marker is equipped with 13 LED lights that automatically switch between day and night light intensity.The arm length of the portable lighted runway closure marker is 4.26 meters.The diesel engine ensures electrical power for 120 hours of continuous operation on a single tank of fuel.

All these key features make the portable lighted runway closure marker a device enabling flexibility and a quick reaction to changes in air traffic operations.


Avoiding flat tires and reducing operating costs in a foundry by using the tow behind magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON (case study)

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Avoiding flat tires at a scrap metal processor by using the tow behind magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON (case study)

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Avoiding flat tires in the port and reducing container handling downtime (case study)

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Do you have questions about our products? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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