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29. 2. 2024

Avoiding flat tires and reducing operating costs in a foundry by using the tow behind magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON (case study)

Initial status

In a foundry, handling scrap iron is a common activity. During this handling, scrap metal with sharp edges is scattered on the ground, creating a dangerous surface for vehicle tires. In most foundries, it is not common to remove regularly this scrap from the ground. The consequence is a large number of punctured tires both on passenger cars and large wheel loaders (as well as on other wheeled handling equipment). These unnecessary tire defects result in increased tire replacement costs.


We have dealt with the below described problem in several foreign foundries. According to our experience, this matter is one of the most frequent questions asked by the customers from the foundry industry.

The customer wanted us to find a solution that would reduce the number of tire punctures in their foundry.Defects occur by puncturing tires with sharp scrap metal lying on the foundry ground.

Wheel loader tires are often punctured by metal objects despite the tire protection chains. These defects occur several times a year. The price of a new wheel loader tire ranges from 10000 to 15000 euros.

Tire defects also occur on other handling vehicles. There are also tire punctures on passenger cars, which are very frequent and unpleasant, as in addition to the financial effect, they also mean a potential damage to the company's reputation. A defect usually happens to a key customer during his visit to the foundry…

The operating costs of repairs and the purchase of new tires can be in the tens of thousands of euros. And it is a pity, as these unnecessary costs can be easily reduced.

Another non-financial aspect is that these defects can also reduce the safety of workers and vehicles.


The tow behind magnet MS 2000 FALCON is an innovative device that has been successfully used in foundries to reduce tire defects and increase overall safety and efficiency.

We have carried out successful tests in several foundries by using the tow behind the magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON for the collection of scrap metal. This magnetic sweeper can be easily attached to the towing device of various vehicle types.  Most often, customers attach the sweeper to small wheel loaders, forklifts or cars.

In one of the larger operations, we performed tests on an area of 100 x 100 m, i. e. 10 000 m2.

The maximum operating speed of this magnetic sweeper is 25 km/h.

As there was a really large amount of tramp metal on the ground, we had to clean the area in two stages. During the first cleaning, we collected more than 623 kg of iron scrap. Due to the large amount of tramp iron, it was necessary to stop and clean the magnetic sweeper many times. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to clean the given area in 78 minutes.

Afterwards, we performed a second cleaning, during which we collected 12 kg of iron scrap and cleaned the area in 16 minutes. It means that we thus achieved an efficiency of more than 98 % during the first "rough" cleaning!

Using this magnetic sweeper, we captured scrap of various sizes. The smallest object was a nut in M8-size, the largest piece of scrap had dimensions of 75 x 30 cm and a weight of over 40 kg! Very often we came across wires and nails.

The area of the foundry, where the sharp metal scrap is handled, is extensive. Therefore, customers most often opt for either the magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON (with a working width of 2 m) or MS 3000 FALCON (with a working width of 3 m). The smaller magnetic sweeper is preferred in smaller foundries, because the main advantages of this sweeper are easy handling even in a smaller space and the attractive purchase price. On the contrary, in larger foundries, the variant with the working width of 3 meters is preferred to reduce the time needed for the large surface cleaning.

Benefits of using the magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON

The customer evaluated our solution as beneficial and incorporated the use of the tow behind magnet MS FALCON into their daily maintenance routine.

The application of the magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON had the following positive consequences:

  • During the first cleaning of the heavily contaminated area, we achieved an efficiency of 98,1 %
  • By regularly cleaning the surface, it can be supposed that more than 99 % of ferrous objects can be eliminated
  • If cleaned regularly, the area of 10000 m2 can be cleaned in 16 minutes
  • Reduction of tire defects
  • Reduced tire replacement costs
  • Increased safety for workers and vehicles in the foundry
  • Increased operational efficiency (thanks to the reduction of time originally spent on tire and vehicle repairs)
  • Quick investment return thanks to significant financial savings

The tire maintenance costs can reach tens of thousands of euros per year. That is why the return on investment in the magnetic sweeper MS FALCON is in the order of weeks or months!

Using the tow magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON in the foundry has proven to be an effective way to reduce tire defects and maintenance costs. This solution not only eliminates sharp metal fragments on the ground, but it also improves the safety and efficiency of workers and vehicles. At the same time, it results in financial savings by reducing the need for frequent tire changes. The foundry can now operate more efficiently and at lower costs, which increases its competitiveness.

Applied equipment: Tow behind the magnetic sweeper MS 2000 FALCON

Advantages of magnetic sweepers MS FALCON

  • Easy installation behind cars, tractors, sweeping machines
  • Three model lines - working widths of 2000, 3000 and 6000 mm
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Possible customization – wide range of optional equipment
  • Sweeper is equipped with ferrite or neodymium magnets
  • Convenient quick-release system = easy cleaning
  • Maximum cleaning capacity (up to 156 000 m2/h)
  • Adjustable suspension height (from 30 to 200 mm)