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Advantages of a demagnetizer TOSD

  • Suitable for integration into automated production lines with continuous operation
  • Demagnetization of especially mass-produced objects (molds, bearings, etc.)
  • For larger parts of angular or round shapes and thin-walled products
  • Compact and resistant design
  • Integrated conveyor guaranteeing optimal speed of around 0.2 m/s
  • Overheat protection

Tunnel demagnetizer with a belt conveyor TOSD

Tunnel demagnetizer with a belt conveyor TOSD

Tunnel demagnetizer is suitable for installation in automated processes. Thanks to the compact design and high efficiency in demagnetizing the tunnel is recommented for demagnetization of mass production parts (like moulds, shafts, ball bearings, cast iron pieces etc.)

The demagnetizing tunnel eliminates (by generation of gradually decreasing AC in coils) residual magnetism (the penetration depth is limited and some extremely hard products need a special version of the demagger). The belt conveyor as well as the tunnel degausser can be delivered in various dimensions and with various types of power supply.

Český výrobek / Made in Czech Republic

Which industrial branches can the tunnel demagnetizer be use of in?

The tunnel demagnetizer finds use in metal working, foundries, engineering etc.