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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

19. 10. 2021

Separation of iron particles from legumes and oilseeds (case study)

Separation goal:

The aim was to increase the quality of magnetic separation during the processing of legumes and oilseeds. Fe particles larger than 1 µm should be captured and a maximum purity of the processed products achieved.


We have produced a separator according to the customer's requirements. Ferromagnetic objects were captured and did not occur in further production stages any more.

The customer especially appreciated our flexibility and willingness in looking for a suitable separation solution even in a place where the installment of a separator is not usual.

Industry: Food industry - production of legumes and oilseeds
Application: The customer's demand was to install a strong magnetic separator in a predetermined place - behind the hopper, from which the pulses and oilseeds are carried away by a screw conveyor.  This placement excluded the application of standard magnetic separators and required a creation of a special magnetic separator. Unlike the usual customer modifications (such as the adjustment of the separator flange, the change of the separator dimensions etc.), it was necessary to design a new type of a magnetic separator to meet all customer's requirements.

The core of the separator consists of a magnetic chute plate equipped with the strongest neodymium magnets. Due to the nature of the separated products (abrasive and worse bulk properties), we chose this type of separation (magnetic chute) to avoid separator clogging and/or blocking of the entire production line. This allowed to meet the customer's requirements on the quality of magnetic separation.

We have equipped the magnetic chute with a stainless steel tapered step (where the highest magnetic induction is achieved). Ferromagnetic objects are trapped at this point and the tapered magnetic face prevents contaminant wipe-off in rapid product.

Thanks to the easy cleaning system the trapped ferrous particles can be effortlessly removed. The separator is equipped with an inspection door to check the amount of the captured ferrous particles.

Due to the need of ventilation, the separator's upper part is open. In order to prevent possible injuries, we have installed a safety grille on it.
The products to be cleaned: Legumes and oilseeds
Applied equipment: Magnetic chute MS-MC