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21. 3. 2024

Preventing the transfer of ferrous metals on workers' shoe soles in the food industry using magnetic mats (case study)

Initial status

In food production the final product is often contaminated with metal particles. A food manufacturer faced regular problems with the transfer of metal contaminants into sensitive processing zones. This represented a significant risk to product safety and quality.


It was found at the customer's site that ferromagnetic particles do not come from the production equipment or the processed product, but are brought from the company's service areas (workshops, service rooms) on workers' shoe soles.

During the audit, several ferromagnetic impurities were found in the final product, one of them even 3 cm in size! This fact is completely unacceptable to the customer and threatens his reputation and market position.


The company decided to apply several of our MM-R 900x600 magnetic mats with stainless steel scrapers. These mats were placed in the transitional spaces between "dirty" and "clean" company parts, i. e., between the production halls and the service areas.

The MM-R 900x600 magnetic mat with a stainless steel boot scraper is an innovative product consisting of three layers:

  1. Bottom section with neodymium magnets: This section contains strong neodymium magnets being able to capture tramp iron such as metalworking debris, chips, nails and screws. These magnets ensure the effective separation of ferrous particles.
  2. Middle part made from a protective sheet: A special sheet covers the magnetic cores, which increases safety and reduces the risk of food contamination. This sheet helps to remove easily the trapped ferrous objects from the magnets.
  3. Upper part with a boot scraper: The upper part consists of a dense screen made of sharp steel profiles. The profiles are welded to each other and form a thick mesh that helps scrape metal contaminants from shoe soles (it is necessary to take into account that even the strongest magnets in the world would not be able to remove in such a way embedded metal objects).

Benefits of using the magnetic mat MM-R 900x600

After applying the magnetic mat MM-R 900x600 with a stainless steel boot scraper, the transfer of metal particles into the company's processing zones has been significantly reduced. With this measure, the company increased the safety of their products and the quality of the food processing. Thanks to easy maintenance and cleaning, the relevant employees can regularly monitor the trapped tramp iron and take measures to eliminate its sources.

The magnetic mat MM-R 900x600 with a stainless steel scraper has become an indispensable tool in the fight against metal contamination in the food industry, helping to increase customers' confidence and protect the company's reputation.

Advantages of using a magnetic mat

  • It prevents the transfer of metal particles into sensitive processing zones.
  • It minimizes the risk of tripping because of the minimum height difference between the floor and the upper part of the magnetic mat.
  • Easy to install, maintain and clean.
  • Possibility of laboratory evaluation of the gather ferrous particles and tracing their origin.

Applied equipment: Magnetic mat MM-R 900x600 with a stainless steel boot scraper 

Advantages of a magnetic mat

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel design
  • Low profile and chamfered edges reduce the trip hazard
  • Top mat ensures easy cleaning
  • Models with stainless steel boot scrapers help clean the stuck particles from shoe soles
  • Available in various sizes