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We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

18. 4. 2024

How to detect metal contaminants in salt production? (case study)

Initial status

We were contacted by a salt producer with a request to design a metal detector. They were already using an older metal detector, but its sensitivity was completely unsatisfactory for the customer. The original metal detector showed very poor detection results - it couldn't even detect a 10-mm iron ball!

The customer's request was to detect 4-mm iron balls in salt packets.


After analyzing the existing metal detector, we found that it could not be set to a higher sensitivity. It was a technologically outdated type of metal detector. To achieve the required sensitivity, it was necessary to consider purchasing a new device.


The packaging technology had to be modified for the detector to work reliably. Therefore, we suggested that we would supply a suitable metal detector and also manufacture a support structure for the detector that would meet the requirements for the proper functioning of the metal detector. We would also install the detector as well as the support structure and we would set the detector for individual products and train the operating staff.

The salt is packed in 1 kg packets, but the customer requested to detect the metals in the packed bales (each containing 12 one-kilogram packets).

Due to the package size, we opted for the tunnel detector METRON 05 D (with an aperture of 500 x 200 mm).

During the production of the detector support structure, we paid attention to the “metal-free zone” that is essential for the proper metal detector functioning.

We installed the device, set up the detector and trained the operator. Thanks to the right detector sensitivity adjustment we achieved the required sensitivity, i. e., a 3 mm iron ball could be successfully detected!This result was better than the customer requested. That is why he is satisfied with our solution.

The delivery of the metal detector included a beacon with siren to alert the wrapper operator to the detection of a foreign metal object.

Benefits of using the tunnel metal detector METRON 05 D

  • reliable detection of 3 mm iron contaminants
  • stable and reliable detector operation
  • satisfaction with the support structure (including the metal-free zone)
  • contentment with the installation and skill level of service technicians

Applied equipment: Tunnel metal detector METRON 05 D

Advantages of tunnel metal detector Metron 05 D

  • Two-part demountable tunnel detector = easy installation
  • Maintenance-free, long-term and year-round operation
  • Economical version - attractive price / performance ratio
  • Robust detector design for maximum working life
  • Proven by years of use in rough industrial environments
  • Digital signal processing for best detection
  • Predefined, optional standard modes