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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

16. 5. 2024

How to easily and efficiently transport stamped steel parts? (case study)

Initial status

Our customer is engaged in sheet metal stamping. He was interested in the possibility of using magnetic conveyors for transporting stamped metal pieces.


In a stamping workshop it is necessary to transport stamped parts from the stamping press to further processing. The spectrum of stampings is broad – the smallest ones have a diameter of 3 mm, and the largest ones range from 80 to 100 mm. The stamping press capacity is about 45 - 60 pieces per minute.

The stamped pieces fall out of the press at floor level and need to be moved to a height of about 1.5 m for further processing. The stamped metal parts are oily and contaminated with cooling emulsions.

The customer operates several such presses. It was necessary to design a system of magnetic conveyors that would be mobile and enable the conveyors to be moved to another press.


We pride ourselves on designing magnetic separation solutions according to the customer's needs, which also applies to magnetic conveyors.

For our customer, we have designed a system of magnetic conveyors consisting of a straight magnetic conveyor with a width of 300 mm and a length of 3,350 mm. It was sufficient to equip the magnetic conveyor with ferrite magnets to transport the stamped parts.

We connected an angular conveyor of the same width (300 mm) to this straight magnetic conveyor. It ensures the transportation of the stampings to the desired height of 1,500 mm. The total length of this angular magnetic conveyor is 2,750 mm.

The angular conveyor is equipped with emulsion collection technology, which returns the cooling emulsion to the press, saving the customer's emulsion costs.

Both conveyors are equipped with a highly durable sliderbed, ensuring a long period of trouble-free conveyor operation.

We fitted both the conveyors with breakable silicone wheels so that the conveyor can be moved to another machine.

Benefits of using the straight magnetic conveyor MD 300 x 3350 F and the angular magnetic conveyor MD - Z 300 x 2750 F

The system of magnetic conveyors is built to handle the toughest conveying jobs and that is why the customer is satisfied with this solution.

Applied equipment: The straight magnetic conveyor MD 300 x 3350 F and the angular magnetic conveyor MD-Z 300 x 2750 F

Advantages of the magnetic conveyor MD-Z 330 x 2750 F

  • Magnetic conveyor to handle parts made of magnetic materials
  • Ideal for abrasive, oiled, or dirty objects = increased productivity and work safety
  • Heavy-duty all-stainless design without external moving parts = the conveyor cannot get clogged or damaged