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We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

27. 6. 2024

How to protect production technology in the brick manufacturing process? (case study)

Initial status

One of the leading companies in the field of building materials industry faced a problem with metal contaminants in clay, which is the basic raw material for brick production. The clay is transported by a conveyor.


Metal objects (very often fragments of the various processing technologies) contaminated the clay. These fragments severely damaged the production line and caused damage in the value of millions of Czech crowns. A sieve with a mesh size of 50 mm was installed on the processing line, however, metal contaminants were often smaller than 50 mm in size, so they could not be caught by the sieve.

In fact, there was also an obsolete a metal detector on the processing line, but the decades-old equipment showed very poor detection results.  


The material was contaminated not only with ferrous particles, but there were also non-ferrous metal objects. For this reason, it would be insufficient to install a magnetic separator that could only capture ferromagnetic particles.  

To prevent further damage, we recommended that the customer would install a modern METRON 05 D metal detector. Due to the higher raw material temperatures (about 50° C), a special version of the METRON 05 D-800/400 detector was supplied. This detector is temperature resistant and its electronics are adapted to harsh environment operations.

The aperture width is 800 mm and its height is 400 mm.

This powerful metal detector can detect metal particles of 6 – 7 mm in size in the processed material.

Benefits of using the metal detector METRON 05 D

After installing the new METRON 05 D-800/400 metal detector, the company was very satisfied with its performance. The new detector has proven to be significantly more effective than the previous model (detection of a metal ball with a size of 6 – 7 mm!).

Generally speaking, the customer was surprised how much more powerful the new detector is, compared to the previous device. Thanks to this investment, the risk of damage to the production line by metal objects was significantly reduced, resulting in significant cost savings.

No technology failures caused by metal contaminants have been recorded since the detector was installed.

Installed equipment: Tunnel metal detector METRON 05 D

Advantages of the tunnel metal detector METRON 05 D

  • Two-part demountable tunnel detector = easy installation
  • Maintenance-free, long-term and year-round operation
  • Economical version - attractive price / performance ratio
  • Robust detector design for maximum working life
  • Proven by years of use in rough industrial environments
  • Digital signal processing for best detection
  • Pre-defined, optional standard modes