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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

11. 4. 2024

Laboratory testing of incinerator ash (case study)

Initial status

A technical school was elaborating an analysis of incinerator ash for a waste incinerator company.


For laboratory testing purposes, a technical school needed a magnetic separator that could reliably trap ferrous particles. As the particles were very small – a few tens of microns in size – they needed a magnetic separator generating a very strong magnetic field.

The goal of the project was to design a device that could be subsequently used in the operation of the incinerator company.


We proposed to the technical school to use our laboratory high-gradient magnetic separator LSV. This separator is equipped with a high intensity rare earth roll generating a magnetic flux of 11000 G! In addition, there is also an integrated vibrating feeder. Thus, the separated material is ideally spread on the separator belt and the best magnetic separation can be achieved.

The laboratory magnetic separator LSV made it possible to simulate the real conditions in a waste incinerator company.

The result of the project is that the use of high-gradient magnetic separators (equipped with high intensity rare earth rolls generating the magnetic induction of 11000 G) is efficient for metal separation in waste incinerator companies. Incorporating the vibrating feeder in front of the separator for perfect spreading of the treated fly ash is necessary.

Benefits of using the laboratory high-gradient magnetic separator LSV-D 140

The laboratory high-gradient magnetic separator is a great device for simulating magnetic separation in real conditions. It can easily test different materials and separate the ferrous particles.

Since it is a small and compact device (but equipped with all the necessary technologies), its purchase price is significantly lower than the price of a standard multi roll magnetic separator.

The laboratory magnetic separator can be used not only in technical schools, but also in laboratories, e. g. in waste incinerator companies, at manufacturers of building materials or kaolin etc. This high-gradient magnetic separator is a useful helper wherever there is a need to analyze bulk materials and detect the presence of very small and slightly magnetic particles (e. g., magnetic stainless steel or also some sorts of paramagnetic minerals).

Applied equipment: High-gradient magnetic separator LSV-D 140

Advantages of the laboratory high intensity separator LSV-D 140

  • Mobile laboratory-sized version
  • Separation of weakly magnetic particles
  • Automatic cleaning without the interruption of the material flow
  • Integrated vibrating feeder with a hopper
  • Magnetic flux up to 11 000 G
  • Made-to-measure separators
  • Excellent for materials heavily contaminated with ferrous particles