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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

2. 8. 2022

MSU LUX mobile separation unit

A unique compact cleaning system combining the power of permanent magnets with electromagnetic separator versatility can remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles (including stainless steel ones) and also dedust the cleaned material. The mobile separation unit consists of the OZ dedusting device with an integrated stainless steel hopper, the  MSS-MC magnetic grate separator and the QUICKTRON 03 R gravity metal detector. 

Main advantages of the MSU LUX mobile separation unit

  • Maximum protection against ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants in the plastics industry
  • High-speed reject flap of the all-metal separator = minimal loss of the cleaned material
  • Wheel version + low weight = easy and quick transfer to the application place