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Our company is a specialist in field of magnetic separation

We develop, produce and apply devices for magnetic separation. Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured exactly in a made-to-measure way as per your needs.

2. 5. 2024

Separating metals from wood pellets using strong magnetic grids - 12,000 G (case study)

Initial status

A manufacturer of wood pellets had to solve problems with the the undesirable presence of metals in the pellets.


His key customer has repeatedly alerted the wood pellet producer to the fact that the pellets were contaminated with metals. There was a real risk of losing the key client = a very significant loss for the pellet manufacturer.

In the production line there were metal grids to catch larger contaminants. The spacing between the grid bars was approx. 35 mm. The grids, however, were not fitted with magnets! That is why ferrous metals like nails or screws passed through the grids and kept contaminating the final product.  The iron particles could subsequently, e. g. damage the expensive pellet boilers (burning the wood pellets).


We have replaced the original grids with magnetic ones. The original mechanical separation was preserved, and we enhanced it with a magnetic one (we have made the grids so that the gaps between the tubes were the same as in the original non-magnetic grids).

The magnetic grates are fitted with very strong magnets generating a magnetic induction of 12,000 G (measured at the point of contact with the treated material). The grid size is 850 x 450 mm (2 magnetic grids of the same size are used).

Cleaning such a large grid would not be comfortable, so we have divided each grill into 2 parts. Now the grid cleaning is very easy and a matter of seconds!

Benefits of using the magnetic separator MR 850x450 N:

  • After installing the magnetic separator, the ferrous contaminants have been reliably separated.
  • The end customer has confirmed that the quality of the wooden pellets meets his requirements.
  • The risk of the loss of the key client has been averted.

Applied equipment: Magnetic grate MR 850x450 N

Advantages of the magnetic grid MR 850x450

  • Fast and easy cleaning thanks to the “tube-in-tube” system
  • 18,700 G on the magnetic core and up to 12,200 G on the outer protective cover
  • Large effective magnetic area (magnetic tube diameter of 32 mm)