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1. 9. 2020

Separation of metals from municipal waste

A big municipal waste processor from our region needed a reliable system for the separation of metal objects (especially of the bigger sized ones) from pre-sorted plastic household waste (if the metal particles were not removed from the waste, they could damage the subsequent processing equipment and deteriorate the quality of the sorted plastic materials).

This was a demanding application for several reasons:

  • in a bigger sized plastic household waste (from 50 x 10 x 1 mm to 300 x 250 x 1 mm) there are various kinds of plastics (PET, HDPE, PP, plastic foils, tetra pak packiging etc.) mixed with ferrous and non-ferrous objects (cans, lids, caps etc.)
  • in addition to the requirement to remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it was necessary to cope with a high material layer and with a large amount of continuously flowing material (up to 1800 kg/h)

On the basis of the practical tests and after the evaluation of the price/performance/service ratio, the customer (who has extensive experience in the field of metal separation) decided to purchase the following set of SOLLAU magnetic separators:

Overband ferrite magnet with automatic cleaning DND-AC Ms4 EKO (the deep magnetic field of this separator can attract ferromagnetic objects from a maximum depth of 320 mm and at the same time it protects the non-ferrous metal separator ECS-C 2000 RAM from damage by iron particles)

Neodymium magnetic pulley MV 254 N 1200 (for the separation of ferrous contaminants from lower material layers and for the protection of the non-ferrous metal separator ECS-C 2000 RAM)

Eddy current separator with centrically mounted magnetic rotor ECS-C 2000 RAM (due to the high processing capacity, the material is to be spread in a monolayer on the separator belt of width of 2000 mm and then all larger and well-conducting non-magnetic metal objects are reliably removed from the material)