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10. 12. 2022

The problematic quality and after-sales service of magnetic drums made by a renowned manufacturer (case study)

Initial status

A European manufacturer of sand-blasting equipment and surface preparation technology repeatedly purchases for its sand-blasting lines magnetic drums (which capture the blasted iron particles). As the complete shot blasting lines are relatively expensive devices (and in addition, they are used in highly sophisticated industries including the aerospace and car industries as well as in the military-industrial complex), the manufacturer of blasting systems has chosen one of the world's renowned manufacturers of magnetic separators as a supplier (despite the higher purchase price of the magnetic drums), because he wanted to guarantee the long-term and reliable functionality of the purchased separators.


Unfortunately, it has been repeatedly shown that a branded product is not necessarily a synonym for high quality or reliable service... Renowned manufacturers often use their name only to obtain a new purchase order and lose interest in the client after the sale is made (even if there is a high probability of repeated orders...). They react very reluctantly (if at all) to possible problems, complaints or requests for repairs. Alternatively, they price the repair costs at such an amount that it would be more advantageous for the customer to buy a new device than to have the damaged one repaired... And this is exactly what happened (and even repeatedly) to the above-mentioned manufacturer of blasting lines, as small holes are regularly worn (by the treated material) in the weld joints of the stainless steel shell of the magnetic drums (diam.300 mm and 900 mm width). Afterwards ferromagnetic contaminants penetrate the drum inside up to the magnetic core (see the attached photos) and can subsequently damage or even destroy the entire expensive separation device.

The drum supplier refuses to consider (and mend) the defective product as a rightful claim (despite the repeatedly occurred drum weld problem). And the potential paid repair is conditioned by the drum transport to the producer's factory (including, e. g., the client's payment of customs duties, as the manufacturer of the magnetic device is from a non-EU country). The overall price of the repair is thus completely unprofitable.


Since the manufacturer of the blasting equipment has to provide his clients with aftermarket repair and maintenances services, he had no choice but to try to find a specialized European company (preferably among the manufacturers of magnetic separators) that could repair the damaged magnetic drums (and at an affordable price). Since the absolute majority of magnetic separator manufacturers only service their own equipment, the chances of finding a reliable service company seemed rather hopeless. Fortunately, the client came across the information on our website in the MAGNETIC SEPARATOR SERVICE section that we service magnetic separators of all brands - and subsequently agreed with SOLLAU on the repair of the damaged drums. More than 10 equally damaged magnetic drums have already been repaired within the framework of this agreement!

Expert recommendation

Cooperation with a renowned manufacturer does not automatically mean trouble-free cooperation. So-called "brand" manufacturers no longer have to laboriously acquire new clients, so they don't even need to focus noticeably on improving the quality of their products or devote themselves to after-sales service. On the contrary, manufacturers who want to successfully establish themselves on the magnetic separator market must offer a proactive client approach and new solutions. SOLLAU not only services and repairs magnetic separators of competitive brands, but also constantly improves its own products to make them as user-friendly as possible. Specifically, in the case of the magnetic drums, we focused on the drum shell (which is often exposed to long-term contact with abrasive materials) and modified in such a way that it is possible to replace the cover shell with self-help (and even without the need for drum disassembly). If you buy our drum with a segmented wear shell, you will be able to quickly and easily replace the damaged shell by yourself (and at minimal cost!).