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8. 4. 2022

Tiltable plate magnet MS-MC-K

The plate magnet is a simple but highly efficient magnetic separator with a very wide range of applications. Most often, the magnetic plate is installed in chutes, spouts, ducts or pipes to remove ferrous fine particles and larger pieces of tramp iron from various types of bulk materials. 

We recommend that the tiltable plate magnet is used especially if there is enough space for the operator as well as for tilting the magnetic door. If there is not sufficient space, we recommend using the side sliding magnetic door.

Advantages of plate magnet 

  • Capturing Fe particles in size from 0,5 micron
  • Excellent for abrasive and flow resistant materials
  • Budget version (attractive price/performance ratio)
  • Neodymium magnets with induction up to 5,500 G

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