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3. 8. 2020

Waste glass recycling

A waste glass recycling company from the Czech Republic needed an efficient and at the same time affordable system for removal of metal contaminants. It was a demanding application, both due to the high abrasiveness of the processed material (cullet) and the large amount processed (up to 10 tons/hour), and also because it was necessary to separate magnetic as well as non-magnetic metal particles of relatively small size (up to 35 mm).

In addition, there should be removed from the processed material not only loose metal particles (such as aluminum caps from beverage bottles) but also, for example, remnants of metal rings (from the bottle necks) or iron wires contained in the wire glass.

Based on the test results, the client decided for a complete separation line made by SOLLAU mainly for the following reasons:

  • a complete and highly efficient separation of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants
  • the processing line is made in an abrasion resistant design (vibrating feeder reinforced with Hardox wear plates, neodymium magnetic drum MBZ 406 N 800 in all stainless steel design, eddy current separator ECS-C 800 equipped with a specially reinforced conveyor belt)
  • the separating equipment has a very attractive "price/performance" ratio