Metal detector PDK PLASTIC

Detektor kovů PDK PLASTIC

  • This detector has been developed to detect metals coming from plastic granulates, rtushings and powders.
  • It is used at pressing machines or extruders where the flows through and the space in the  detector is filled with the material continuously.
  • This type of detector has been developed especially for this sort of application.
  • Thanks to this the best results, safety in operation with keeping cleanability of detector can be achieved.

Option to save the product parametres

  • Digital evaluation for the best results of detection.
  • Monitoring of the process and status of detection of metals.
  • Standardized systém with a wide range of applications.
  • Robust design for the long service life.
  • The highest exactness in the continuous running.
  • Quick discarding of the metals detected for the minimum losses of material.
  • Complete disassembly without tooling.
  • All components are easily accessible.